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Travel from the Airports to Stanford Campus

Stanford University is located next to the town of Palo Alto. Most of you will be flying into San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or San Jose Airport (SJC), both of which are about 30 minutes from campus. Here's how you will get from the airport to campus:

Important Note: Print a PDF of some essential info for your travel to the US and Stanford.

Private Shuttle or Town Car (arranged by Stanford)

The Stanford Language Center will arrange to have a shuttle or car available at fixed times throughout the day. The driver will meet travelers at the baggage claim area and will be holding a sign that says "Stanford FLTA". You will be receiving an email from us with more specific information about how to find your driver. Please check your email frequently in the days before your departure.

What if I miss the Town Car or Shuttle?

First, call us at (650)725-9222 to inform us that you missed your town car. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to wait for the next one. If you cannot reach us or you have missed the last town car we have arranged, there are other ways to get to Stanford and we have listed the easiest options below. Upon arrival at the house, if it is between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., we (the staff) will be at the house to check you in. If you arrive AFTER check-in hours, use the courtesy phone on the front porch to call us at 5-9222. From a mobile phone dial the full number listed above. A staff member will come to meet you and check you in.

Door to Door Shuttle

This option is only if you miss the Stanford-arranged town car or shuttle and cannot reach us to arrange something else. There are vans called "door to door" shuttles available at both SFO and SJC airports. These shuttles leave every 10-30 minutes and are usually shared with 2 to 5 other passengers. To find one at SFO airport you can simply go upstairs from baggage claim, exit the main doors, cross the street and wait at one of the door to door shuttle stops (without having to call or make a reservation). At SJC you may have to call the company to arrange a pick-up (see below). Tell your driver that you are going to Stanford University and give him the address of Robert Moore South (BOB), the house where you will be staying. The address is 566 Mayfield Avenue.

VIP Airport Shuttle: (408)986-6000 or toll free within U.S. 1-800-235-8847

South and East Bay Shuttle: (408)866-6660 or toll free within U.S. 1-800-548-4664

Bay Porter: (415)656-2929 or toll free 1-877-467-1800 (San Francisco airport only)

Super Shuttle: (415)558-8500 or toll free 1-887-887-8819 (San Francisco airport only)


At either airport, go outside, through the doors by baggage claim, to the taxi stand. You will have to line up behind others who are also waiting for a taxi but you won't have to wait for long as there is a pretty constant stream of taxis pulling up.

Lost Luggage?

If you happen to be one of the few who are unlucky enough to have your luggage temporarily lost by the airline (we truly hope you are not), here is our humble advice. Before leaving the airport, go to the passenger services representative for your airline on the baggage claim level of the airport and file a claim. In filling out the form, you should give (as the delivery address for your luggage) the address of your residence at Stanford for the next 4 days (see below). You should also give them the Language Center phone number, which is (650)725-9222, unless you have a personal cell phone that will work in the US and that you plan to use at Stanford . If they need a delivery address beyond your 4 days at Stanford, you'll have to give them your address at your next destination. We cannot be responsible for your luggage after the FLTA Orientation, unless you have been assigned to Stanford for the academic year.

Arrival and Check-in

Have the driver drop you off at the following address:

Robert Moore South (BOB) residence
566 Mayfield Avenue
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

This is the house you will be staying in while attending the Orientation. Check-in will be between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 12.

NOTES: If you will be arriving before August 12, you will need to make arrangements to stay at a local hotel, as the house will not be available yet. If you arrive after 6:00 p.m. on 8/12, arrangements will be made to have someone meet you at the house for check-in.

Departure and Check-out

Check-out time will be anytime before 12 noon on Thursday, August 16. This is because Stanford Conference Services needs to have the house cleaned and ready for another group to arrive.

Travel in and Around Stanford

On-campus there is a free shuttle called the Marguerite. There are various lines with different routes throughout campus. During the summer, there is no Marguerite service on the weekends, except for the Shopping Express, Line SE. More information about the Marguerite can be found on the Parking & Transportation Services website.

Searchable Campus Map

Marguerite Route Map

Map of Palo Alto/Stanford area