Second-Year Gerlang

Second-year German continues with a focus on developing proficiency through a variety of classes following a three-quarter sequence: Gerlang 21/21W*, 22/22W* and 23/23C (*W - Wirtschaft, Bill Petig can be contacted concerning 21W and 22W).

Second-year summers courses, Gerlang 21S/22S (undergrads) and Gerlang 210 (graduate students), are also offered.

Proficiency goals by the end of the second-year are: Intermediate-High/Advanced-Low speaking and Advanced-Low/Mid writing by the end of the second-year (ratings according to ACTFL, the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages).

Language Center director Dr. Elizabeth Bernhardt ( or German Language Coordinator Paul Nissler ( can be contacted for further information.


Second-Year Course texts: 

Gerlang 21 – Em Neu 2008 Brueckenkurs Niveaustufe B1+ Kursbuch. Hueber Verlag
2008.  ISBN: 978-3-501696-4
Gerlang 22 - Em Neu 2008 Brueckenkurs. Niveaustufe B1+ Kursbuch. Hueber Verlag
2008. ISBN: 978-3-501696-4
Gerlang 23C – EM Neu Hauptkurs Niveaustufe B2 Kursbuch. Hueber Verlag
2008. ISBN:  978-3-19-501695-7

Course Calendars:
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Gerlang 21

Gerlang 22

Gerlang 23C


Requirements and expectations:

Attendance and Participation.  It is imperative for your language development that you come to class, prepared, everyday. The course calendar regularly should be regularly referenced in order to make sure you are prepared. Consult with your instructor if you have any questions/concerns.

Quizzes and ODAs.  There will be 3 tests in the course of the quarter (weeks 3, 6 and 9) that will be taken, according to the Stanford Honor Code, during class. Each test will contain a listening/audio, reading and writing component. There will also be 2 ODAs (oral diagnostic assessments) which will be taken outside of class in coursework-assignments. The ODAs should be done spontaneously, without help of outsiders or translators.  Consult your instructor for further details.

Compositions. In each course the student will write 2 compositions.  The student will work through 3 drafts of each composition. All three drafts will be turned in together (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3) to your instructor. Further instructions can be consulted in your section's coursework site.

Cultural-Linguistic Contacts.  In the first part of the quarter, students will be required to prepare for an interview and then converse (and record) with a native German speaker for between 20-30 minutes. Hereafter students will turn in a written response to the activity. Then, in the second part of the quarter students should attend an event related to a German-speaking area (i.e. German Studies colloquium, Goethe Institute event) and/or (according to instructor) explore an online, virtual German-related forum and then hand in a written synopsis and response to their instructor.

Webdocs and Forums.  According to the course calendar, students will be asked to write a 200/250 word response to a chapter-related topic/question in webdocs OR respond (100 words) to class topic, reading, video in their section’s coursework forums,  then also respond  to comments of a classmate (100 words), creating a threaded virtual discussion.

Presentations. Students will give a shorter presentation mid-way through the quarter as well as a longer presentation in the final weeks of the quarter. Specific instructions will be posted in their section’s coursework site. Students in the audience will be required to actively participate in discussion after the presentations. Students will work on developing presentational language. Presentations will be filmed and students will be required to watch their presentation and self-evaluate.

Progress Card and Interview. Students will be required to monitor their overall proficiency development according to a progress card. They should fill this self-evaluation out mid-quarter and at the end of the quarter and turn this in to their instructor. At the end of the course, students will have an interview with their instructor to assess their speaking proficiency.

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Gerlang 21

Gerlang 22

Gerlang 23C


* Please email Bill Petig for syllabus and information regarding course materials for his courses.