First Year > Spanlang 1 > Progress Card: Interpersonal Objectives

Below is a list of goals for Spanish 1 student progress in interpersonal language. Use this checklist as your "Progress Card" to track your development in Spanish. As you learn to do each item, note your confidence level in performing each task. You will want to practice and review these objectives repeatedly on your own, with your native-speaking conversation partner, and with your instructor.

Download a printable version of the entire Progress Card with interpersonal, intrepretive and presentational objectives.

Language Learning Objectives: Click on an objective for a list of key phrases to learn See text pages Examples in context (text, audio and video samples) Your confidence level: 1 (low) to 5 (high)
Meet, greet, and take leave of people:
introduce myself and say my name 2, 25 video and text: meeting someone new (Ecuador)  
ask someone his or her name 3, 25    
introduce others 3-4    
greet friends 2-3, 25 video and text: greet a friend (Argentina)
video and text: greet classmates (Ecuador)
greet friends, strangers and acquaintances appropriately 2-3, 25, 45 video and text files: greeting friends and professors at the university (México)  
say good-bye to friends 3, 25    
take leave of friends, strangers and acquaintances appropriately 3, 25 video and text: say goodbye to a friend (Argentina)  
ask friends, strangers and acquaintances "How are you?" appropriately   video and text: greet an acquaintence (Argentina)  
say how I am   video and text: greet an acquaintence (Argentina)  
express gratitude      
talk about myself and others:
state my major 7, 13, 25-6    
say where I'm from 2, 4-5, 25    
ask someone where s/he is from 2, 4-5, 27    
talk about my activities 39-41, 53-58, 79, 105-109    
talk about my interests, likes and dislikes 10-12, 26, 70, 106    
express my future plans 73-74    
ask others questions to learn about them 13, 45-46, 115, 143, 149, 184    
talk about my family members 112-3, 118-21, 137 video: spirituality and family (Cuba)  
describe people's physical features 139,144, 159 video: exercise (España)  
describe people's personalities 14-15, 26, 144, 159    
talk about others' work activities 30-39, 53, 56-57, 61-62, 79, 106    
talk about others' interests, likes and dislikes 10-12, 60-61, 106    
talk about others' future plans 73-74    
talk about others' past activities 81-84, 96-100    
ask questions to get information 13, 25-26, 115    
use the telephone:
answer a phone call      
say whether the recipient of the call is at home      
ask for the person to whom I wish to speak   video and text: calling and asking for a friend (México)
video and text: calling and talking a friend(España)
video and text: talking with a friend's parent on the phone (Ecuador)
video and text: calling and asking for a friend, calling an office (Nicaragua)
tell someone it's the wrong number      
say good-bye 3, 25    
say when I don't understand 25    
extend, accept and reject invitations:
extend an invitation      
accept an invitation      
reject an invitation      
in conversation...
sometimes correct myself when I speak