First Year > Spanlang 2 > Progress Card: Interpersonal Objectives

Below is a list of goals for Spanish 2 student progress in interpersonal language. Use this checklist as your "Progress Card" to track your development in Spanish. As you learn to do each item, note your confidence level in performing each task. You will want to practice and review these objectives repeatedly on your own, with your native-speaking conversation partner, and with your instructor.

Download a printable version of the entire Progress Card with interpersonal, intrepretive and presentational objectives.

Language Learning Objectives: Click on an objective for a list of key phrases to learn See text pages Examples in context (text, audio and video samples) Your confidence level: 1 (low) to 5 (high)
I know a phrase or phrases I can use to...
become acquainted with people 2-4, 25    
address people appropriately according to their age and how well I know them 45    
make polite comments to people (e.g., "Dinner was delicious," or "Thank you for inviting me.")      
ask questions to get information 13, 26, 115    
make comparisons

139-142, 159, 176, 183-185    
suggest or give advice 324-328    
give, accept, or reject apologies      
express my...
personal interests 10-12, 26, 60-61, 69-70, 106, 191-196    
intentions and future plans 73-74 audio files: testimonials of Latino immigrant children in the U.S.  
wishes and preferences 191, 295    
opinions 154, 222, 301    
emotions such as sympathy, admiration, anger or surprise 260-267, 287 video: emotions and body weight (Espaņa)  
talk about...
friends and acquaintances 201-202, 260-266 270-275, 278-280, 291-295    
the interests of others and of the community at large 10-12, 26, 60, 106, 125, 191-192, 195, 270-271, 289-290, 295-296    
the future plans of others and of the community at large 77-8 audio files: testimonials of Latino immigrant children in the U.S.  
the interests of the Latino community in the U.S. class and portfolio activities  
past experiences and events 81-99, 108-109, 170-173, 177, 185, 238-240, 278, 297, 299-303, 316, 335-336,    
Go to a restaurant: (227, 235)
ask for a table for x people      
order a meal from a menu   video: eating out  
Call for the waiter or waitress      
ask for the bill      
Participate in an open air market:
make purchases 17, 57, 161, 163, 191    
get an attendant's attention      
ask for prices      
react to prices with exclamatory remarks      

bargain for a better price


express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a product

10-12, 26, 60, 106, 191-194, 220    
sometimes correct myself as I speak