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Arto Anttila
Jared Bernstein
Dan Jurafsky
Lauri Karttunen
Paul Kiparsky
William R. Leben
Arnold Zwicky

Faculty in other departments

Orrin "Rob" Robinson


Rebecca Scarborough


Doug Ball
Luc Baronian
Lev Blumenfeld
Jason Brenier
Connie Clark
Olga Dmitrieva
Rebecca Greene
Lauren Asia Hall-Lew
Alessandro Jaker
Rob Podesva
Colleen Richey
R. L. Starr
Yuan Zhao


Individual Research Summaries

Stratal Optimality Theory

Phonological variation



Computational phonology and morphology

Speech recognition and synthesis

Language and Poetic Form



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Eunjoo Han: Prosodic Structure in Compounds (1993). Seoul Women's University, Korea.

Linda Uyechi: The Geometry of Visual Phonology (1993). Stanford University.

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Young-Mee Yu Cho: Parameters of Consonantal Assimilation (1990). Rutgers University.

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Arto Anttila
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