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The Workshop will consist of three components.
Dialogue Series Schedule
Fall Quarter
October 14
Translating meter and meaning:
Homer in English
Edward McCrorie
Richard Martin
Mark Edwards
October 28, 7:30pm
The syntax of poetry2
John 'Haj' Ross
Lyn Hejinian

Winter Quarter
January 27
Musical form and cognition
Mark Liberman
John Halle

Spring Quarter
March 10
Performing the iamb on the Hebrew stage:
an adaptation of Griboedov's Woe from Wit

Time: 5:15pm. Place: Bldg. 20 (Classics), rm. 22c
Maya Arad
Lazar Fleishman, discussant
April 14
Genesis of an Opera:
Language and Music in Our American Cousin
Eric Sawyer
John Shoptaw
April 21
Meter: Between Language and Art 2
Abstracts: [Hanson][Hayes]
Kristin Hanson
Bruce Hayes


Paul Kiparsky
Faculty Coordinator

Lev Blumenfeld
Graduate Student

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