Stanford University
Department of Linguistics

Workshop on language and poetic form

Poetics Fest

Saturday, May 14th
Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Room
(Dept. of Linguistics, Building 460)


Schedule of Speakers

10:30 - 11:15
Alan Rumsey (Australian National University/Stanford)
Musical, poetic, and linguistic form in tom yaya sung narratives from Papua New Guinea

11:15 - 11:35
Kristin Hanson (UC Berkeley)
Meter and Textsetting in Songs from Shakespeare's Plays

(11:35-11:50 break)

Philip Hofmeister (Stanford)
Strange Reading Habits: the Metrics of Philip Larkin

James Murphy (UC Berkeley)
'A thing so small': The Nature of Meter in Robert Frost's "Design"

(12:30-1:30 lunch)

Lev Blumenfeld (Stanford)
Matching ictus and stress in Latin hexameter endings

Kevin Ryan (Stanford)
Rimeless Rhymes

(2:30-2:45 break)

Jeremy s. ecke (UC Berkeley)
Reading 'Alliteratively': The Middle English Pearl & The Allegory of Artifice

(3:25-3:40 break)

Paul Kiparsky (Stanford)
Quantity in Finnish accentual meter

Organizers: Paul Kiparsky and Lev Blumenfeld
Sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center Mellon Workshop Program.

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