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Welcome to Stanford Sociolinguistics!

Stanford peeps at the Sociolinguistic Symposium, Berlin 2012.

Our sociolinguistics program is variation-based, combining a strong emphasis on the social side of variation with a department-wide interest in the linguistic constraints on variation. In keeping with these two emphases, we enjoy vibrant activity in fieldwork, work with online corpora, and experimental work.

Above all, we pride ourselves on being a friendly and collaborative intellectual community, held together by our common interests and our diversity of ideas.

After Lauren's Defense

The Stanford Department of Linguistics is unusual in its overall departmental emphasis on data-rich linguistics. As a result, sociolinguistics is not the poor cousin that it is in many linguistics departments. At Stanford, sociolinguistics is integral to the Department's intellectual agenda.

Style and learning retreat. Point Reyes 2002

Some of the Stanford people at NWAV42.Pittsburgh 2013

Style retreat. Half Moon Bay 2006

Voices of California

We have begun to document the English dialects of California. Each year, just before classes begin, about a dozen members of the department - sociolinguists and non-sociolinguists alike - visit a community in California to interview as large and diverse an assortment of residents as we can. So far, we have been to Merced (2010), Redding (2011) and Bakersfield (2012), and have amassed a corpus of about 350 great interviews. In 2013 we did a weeklong retreat in Half Moon Bay to work with the data we've already collected, and September 2014 we head to Sacramento. Check out our website.

Roey and Kate checking out Redding.