Stanford Arcade

The Stanford linguistics community encompasses a broad range of interests in syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Stanford researchers have pioneered the development of formally precise frameworks for grammatical analysis (such as LFG and HPSG) as well as the exploration of the role of context in interpretation (the 'situatedness' of language) and explanatory theories of lexical semantics. As a group, we share the ambitious goal of developing a grounding for syntactic and semantic theories using diverse research methodologies, including formal linguistic analysis, psycholinguistic experimentation, computational modelling, corpus-based language studies and fieldwork on less widely studied languages.

Faculty and students in syntax and semantics participate in a wide range of research projects. We have one seminar series designed to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in syntax and another in semantics. In addition, there are usually informal reading or working groups in syntax and semantics that reflect the community's ever evolving research interests.