Stanford Arcade

Syntax and Semantics Activities at Stanford

SMircle (Stanford Syntax and Morphology Circle) — A forum for members of the Stanford and neighboring linguistics community to present and share their ongoing research in syntax-morphology in a workshop-like setting.

CUSP (California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics)

The Construction of Meaning Workshop — The Construction of Meaning workshop has been in existence as an informal study group holding discussion meetings, presentations of ongoing student and faculty work and guest lectures for several years.

Semfest — The Semantics Fest is a one-day mini-conference held at the end of Winter Quarter, devoted to the presentation of ongoing research on semantics and pragmatics by students, visitors, and faculty.

Psycholinguistics Group/Cognition & Language: Experimental linguistics and psycholinguistics, broadly construed, including lots of events of interest to syntax/semantics folks. Meets Thursdays at 4, roughly every other week. Sign up to the mailing lists here and here.

Words with Friends — A student group that discusses data from a range of languages from semantic and pragmatic perspectives.

Department Colloquia — Upcoming colloquia are announced in the Department's newletter, The Sesquipedalian.