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Recent Syntax and Semantics Alumni at Stanford

Makin Abdulkhaliq
Dissertation: English Noun Classes and Generative Lexical Mechanisms

Ash Asudeh
Dissertation:Resumption as Resource Management

Doug Ball
Dissertation:Clause Structure and Argument Realization in Tongan

John Beavers
Dissertation: Argument/Oblique Alternations and the Structure of Lexical Meaning

Emily Bender
Dissertation: Syntactic Variation and Linguistic Competence: The Case of AAVE Copula Absence

Brady Clark
Dissertation: A Stochastic Optimality Theory Approach to Syntactic Change

Elizabeth Coppock
Dissertation: The Logical and Empirical Foundations of Baker's Paradox

Cathryn Donohue
Dissertation: Morphology Matters: Case Licensing in Basque

Bruno Estigarribia
Dissertation: Asking questions: Language Variation and Language Acquisition

Martina Faller
Dissertation: Semantics and Pragmatics of Evidentials in Cuzco Quechua

Itamar Francez
Dissertation: Existential Propositions

John Fry
Dissertation: Ellipsis and Wa-marking in Japanese Conversation

Veronica Gerassimova
Dissertation: Unbounded Dependency Constructions in Western Austronesian

Jason Grafmiller
Dissertation: The Semantics of Syntactic Choice. An analysis of English emotion verbs.

Scott Grimm
Dissertation: Number and Individuation

Philip Hofmeister
Dissertation: Facilitating Memory Retrieval in Natural Language Comprehension

Alex Jaker
Dissertation: Word Prosody and Level Ordering in Weledeh Dogrib

Florian Jaeger
Dissertation: Redundancy and Syntactic Reduction in Spontaneous Speech

Stefan Kaufmann
Dissertation: Aspects of the Meaning and Use of Conditionals

Andrew Koontz-Garboden
Dissertation: States, Changes of State, and the Monotonicity Hypothesis

Anubha Kothari
Dissertation: Processing Constraints and Word Order Variation in Hindi Relative Clauses

Sven Lauer
Dissertation: Towards a Dynamic Pragmatics

Hanjung Lee
Dissertation: Optimization in Argument Expression and Interpretation: A Unified Approach

Iddo Lev
Dissertation (Computer Science): Packed Computation of Exact Meaning Representations

Dmitry Levinson
Dissertation: Negative Polarity Particles and Semantic Negativity

Jingxia Lin
Dissertation (Asian Languages and Cultures): The Encoding of Motion Events in Chinese: Multi-morpheme Motion Constructions

J.P. Marcotte
Dissertation: Causative Alternation Errors in Child Language Acquisition

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe
Dissertation: What's That Supposed to Mean? Modeling the Pragmatic Meaning of Utterances

David McKercher
Dissertation: The Polysemy of with in First Language Acquisition

Yukiko Morimoto
Dissertation: Discourse Configurationality in Bantu Morphosyntax

Tanya Nikitina
Dissertation: The mixing of syntactic properties and language change.

Elisabeth Norcliffe
Dissertation: Head marking and dependency resolution: A study of variation in Yucatec Maya

David Oshima
Dissertation: Perspectives in Reported Discourse

Melanie Owens
Dissertation: Serial Verb Constructions: Argument Structural Uniformity and Event Structural Diversity

Susanne Riehemann
Dissertation: A Constructional Approach to Idioms and Word Formation

Tyler Schnoebelen
Dissertation: Emotions are Relational: Positioning and the Use of Affective Linguistic Resources

Neal Snider
Dissertation: An exemplar model of syntactic priming

Nola Stephens
Dissertation: Given-before-new: The effects of discourse on argument structure in early child language

Shiao Wei Tham
Dissertation: Representing Possessive Predication: Semantic Dimensions and Pragmatic Bases

Hal Tily
Dissertation: The Role of Processing Complexity in Word Order Variation and Change

Ida Toivonen
Dissertation: The Phrase-Structure of Non-Projecting Words

Judith Tonhauser
Dissertation: The Temporal Semantics of Noun Phrases: Evidence from Guaraní

Michael Wescoat
Dissertation: On Lexical Sharing