Flagship Projects

Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (CMEMS)

Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies is a new initative supported by the Presidential Fund for Innovation in the Humanities. CMEMS is committed to bringing multidisciplinary perspectives on medieval and early modern periods into contact with one another. It aims to create an umbrella structure that supports and enhances teaching, research, and resources in these fields; publicizes activities to faculty, students, and visitors; and provides integrated support for campus-wide projects in medieval and early modern studies. It will sponsor its first events in winter 2008. More >

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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Medieval and Early Modern Studiesis a bi-weekly lunchtime workshop sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center. It brings together faculty and graduate students from departments of languages and literatures, history, art history, musicology, philosophy, religion, and other related fields who are working on the long and important centuries between the ancient world and the modern era. Workshop participants meet to discuss pre-circulated papers by Stanford faculty and advanced graduate students as well as by distinguished visitors. More >

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Parker Library on the Web

Parker Library on the Web is a multi-year undertaking of  Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the Stanford University Libraries and the Cambridge University Library, to produce a high-resolution digital copy of every imageable page in the 538 manuscripts in the Parker Library (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge) and to build an interactive web application in which the manuscript page images can be used by scholars and students in the context of editions, translations and secondary sources. The project is supported by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation. It is expected to conclude in 2009. More >

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Bartholomew's World

"Bartholomew's World" (BW) is an encyclopedia of medieval Scholasticism. It aims to make medieval texts and their authors, especially works in medieval natural philosophy, approachable and exciting. Since they are introduced by today's foremost experts on Scholasticism, its biographies, its articles, and its lessons are also accurate and reliable.

  • Book I: Biographies of medieval Scholastic Authors: Albert the Great, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas ...
  • Book II: Human Science: On Dragons and Unicorns, Scholars and Infants ...
  • Book III: Divine Science: On Angels and the Afterlife, On Grace and Providence ...
  • Book IV: Natural Science: On Birds and Reptiles, On Astronomy and Geography ...

Each article includes lessons based on texts by famous medieval authors and

  • Latin grammar and etymology exercises
  • Paleography exercises
  • Resources for learning and teaching about Scholasticism

Coming soon are lessons and exercises in world history. BW is generously sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Stanford University's K-12 Initiative. More >

Medieval Matters

This new lecture series explores the relevance of medieval history and culture to the modern world. It is sponsored jointly by the Stanford Continuing Studies Program, the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, the Center for European Studies, the Program in Medieval Studies, and the community-based Sarum Seminar. The 2007-8 series includes lectures by Patrick Geary (UCLA) and William Chester Jordan (Princeton).

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Medieval Spains

The collaborators of Medieval Spains: Antiquity to the New World (AD 100 to 1550) have designed a research- and curriculum-based website that presents scholarly materials on the various communities of medieval Spain. A diversity of site modules encourages readers to explore Iberia's long standing history of engagement with other cultures and places. From Roman occupation to the co-existence of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities to Spanish imperialism and colonialization, Medieval Spains emphasizes the links between the Iberian peninsula and North Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia, and the New World. In presenting current scholarship, historiographical trends, and interdisciplinary themes, the aim of Medieval Spains is to offer accessibility to a lay audience but also to provide the advanced student with the methodological tools necessary for independent research. More>

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