Scholarly Concentration Final Completion

The form should be completed once the SC requirements have been met or by July 8 (the year before graduation is expected).

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Scholarly Concentration Coursework

In order to meet the course requirements, all students must complete 12 units of SC courses. Dual Degree coursework will replace this 12-unit requirement (a scholarly project and presentation are still required).

Scholarly Concentration Project

In order to meet the SC requirements, all students must complete a scholarly project, present their work, and provide a final report. This may (or may not) be a MedScholars funded project. Mentor's letters should discuss your performance on the project and your mentor's outlook for your future in medicine. These letters can be sent via email to: The DEADLINE for mentor's letters is June 30th.

My SC Project was funded by the MedScholars program. *

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At least one presentation is required. It may be from a conference/symposium, a lab meeting, or other agreed-upon venue (with SC Director's approval).

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We hope that our SC students will publish their work. This is not a requirement for SC completion.

SC Final Completion Report

Students are required to submit a final report. This could be: 1) your draft/publication or 2) a three-paragraph statement detailing your SC project concept, project results, and recommendations (eg. mentor selection, coursework related to project, what you would have done differently in hindsight).

Additional Comments

Please submit any comments you have about your SC performance that you want noted in your MSPE (Dean's Letter).

SC Feedback

This is your opportunity to give the program feedback. Think about the program from the orientation start, to coursework, to project selection/completion, to presentation/publication, to how the SC program may influence your future.