Request for Services in Campbell Recital Hall

Use this form to request services from Stanford's Department of Music for events in Campbell Recital Hall. Provide the best information you have. Specify Audio/Visual details in the box provided, and other information in the Further Details box below. If we need clarification, we will contact you directly.
Staffing for your event will be determined by the complexity of your event. Staffing costs are not included in the equipment costs. Estimates for staffing will be included with any equipment estimate.
All hourly rates are calculated in 1/4 hour increments, and start from the start of set up and end upon the completion of the event.

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A/V & Lighting Needs

Please detail your specific Audio Visual (A/V) needs in the form field below. Keep in mind things such as number and type (wired/wireless) of microphones, video playback format or special lighting needs. If you have additional services provided by another A/V vendor (such as Stanford Video) include any needs they may have.

Audio Packages

•Classroom Audio Package (operated by presenter from A/V rack on stage) - amplifiers, speakers, CD/DVD Player, computer A/V connections, projector and screen.
•Basic Audio Package - amplifiers, speakers, up to 4 wired microphones, 1 CD player or Direct Box (for computer/MP3 playback), mixer, cables, projector and screen, 1 standard lectern, 5 chairs, 2 tables
•Concert Audio Package- Concert audio packages are customized to fit the scope of the concert. If you select this option you will be contacted to set up an appointment to discuss your options. Please include any band rider in the A/V needs section above.

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Lighting Packages

•Preset Package - Static no color stage wash and house lights controlled from wall mounted control panel)
•Custom Lighting Control Package - Some additional lighting control is available with the addition of equipment and staffing. Please select this option if you would like to speak with someone about available options.

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Check All Instruments That You Would Like To Rent

Musical Instruments

There are 2 9' Steinway D Concert Grand Pianos available for rental in Dinkelspiel Auditorium.
Rental cost includes tuning, padded artist's bench, and music desk.
Other instruments may be available for rental upon request.

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