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•For those wishing to have a CD of the concert occurring since 1/1/2001, please fill out the form below. For concerts occurring before 2001, please contact the Archive of Recorded Sound. CDs are normally available within two weeks after the concert.
•Video Recording of Student Recitals may be requested for an additional cost, and should be requested no less than 2 weeks prior to the recital date. Students or participants may not request video recording of Department Ensemble concerts. Video Recording of Department Ensembles will be done at the discretion of the Department, and may be available to participants if the performance is video recorded.
•Payments must be made by check or cash in Braun Music Rm 101. CD's will not be mailed without prior payment.
•The Department is making an effort to make digital audio copies of performances after 1/1/2015 available for download to performers free of charge for concerts in which they participate. When this becomes available, eligible participants can fill out this form, and will be provided instructions on how to download the file.

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Description of Fees

Archived Concert CD -$15
Student Recital CD - $30
Student Recital CD + Unedited Video File on SDHC Card (Card to be returned) -$60
Ensemble Concert DVD (when available) - $30

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I agree to allow no copying of this recording without written permission from the Stanford University Department of Music.
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I represent that the copy I am obtaining is for my own personal use and not for sale, transfer, public performance, or distribution to the public, including posting to the internet.

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