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Concert Recording Request

Please note: Requests for concerts more than a year in the past now go through the Archive of Recorded Sound. You can reach them here:

For those wishing to have a copy of a concert recording that occurred in the past year, please fill out the form below.

For ensemble concerts, if the director of the ensemble requested a video be made of the performance, participants may request a digital download or DVD once it is available.

Payments must be made by check or cash in Braun Music, Room 101.

Please make checks payable to Stanford University.

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Description of Fees

*Prices updated 10/14/19*

Digital Download - $15

Concert or Recital CD - $25 (1st copy)
----- Additional copies - $10 each

Video Digital Download (if available) - $30

DVD Recording (if available) - $45

Student Recital CD + Unedited Video File on SDHC Card - $55
----- (SD card to be returned)

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Use Agreement

I agree to allow no copying of this recording without written permission from the Stanford University Department of Music..

I understand that this recording may contain copyrighted works..

I represent that the copy I am obtaining is for my own personal use and not for sale, transfer, public performance, or distribution to the public, including posting to the internet.

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