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Miniaturized fuel cells

Stanford engineer helps figure out how to make more efficient fuel cells

Using high-brilliance X-rays, researchers track the process that fuel cells use to produce electricity, knowledge that will help make large-scale alternative energy power systems more practical and reliable.

Museum of Applied Art, Cologne

Stanford art historian uncovers commodity culture in Mondrian's legacy

Through a study of the interplay between consumerism and the work of acclaimed artist Piet Mondrian, Stanford art historian Nancy J. Troy uncovers how social forces shaped the artist's legacy.

Students working on birds with taxidermist standing by/Photo: Jeremy Moffett

Stanford freshmen take a new approach to scientific inquiry

Stanford recently completed the first year of SIMILE, a residential learning program focused on studying science, technology and medicine by exploring their historical, cultural and social contexts.

Pittsburgh, PA

America's cities are increasingly segregated by education, Stanford economist says

Rebecca Diamond's research found that college-educated workers are increasingly attracted to "high skill cities" where the wages are higher and the quality of living better.