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Stanford solar car

Stanford takes energy research to the limits

Building a solar car is one way Stanford students and researchers are developing next-generation energy sources and improving efficiency.

Lathrop Library reading room

Stanford's new Lathrop Library ready for Sept. 15 opening

Lathrop Library will be the new home of the East Asia Library and other units previously housed in Meyer Library. The four-story building is filled with seminar rooms and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed to enhance teaching, learning and research. 

Riot squad

Militarized policing is counterproductive, Stanford expert says

Stanford law Professor David Sklansky says that the militarization of police departments is doing more harm than good. The question is whether communities need heavily armed police, armored vehicles and military-grade equipment for routine law enforcement.

Napa quake damage

Stanford geophysicist discusses what weekend's earthquakes mean for future

Large earthquakes occurred much more frequently in the Bay Area during the 19th century, says Stanford geophysicist Greg Beroza. Last weekend's magnitude 6.0 quake in Napa was a reminder to stay ready for something bigger.