Eavan Boland / Courtesy Eavan Boland

Renowned Stanford poet Eavan Boland interrogates identity and nationhood in new collection

In her latest book of poetry, A Woman Without a Country, English Professor Eavan Boland draws on decades of thinking, reading and writing about subjects like nation and gender to help give voice to those who have been silenced in the official record of history.

Stanford music lecturer Marie-Louise Catsalis and students.

Stanford students discover an 18th-century music treasure in Green Library

Music lecturer and students edit and finish an incomplete manuscript by Francesco Durante for a modern-day première in Memorial Church.

Asexual marchers at World Pride Parade Toronto 2014 / Naomi Lir

Stanford scholar blazes pathway for academic study of asexuality

Drawing from her research into the growth of asexual communities and queer studies, Stanford lecturer Karli Cerankowski is shedding light on an under-studied and misunderstood facet of human sexuality: asexuality.

James Baldwin / AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The book that rocked a nation: Stanford's Another Look book club takes on James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time

How far have we come toward achieving racial justice? Another Look book club discusses writer and activist James Baldwin's 1963 classic, The Fire Next Time.

Debra Satz speaking while Richard Saller looks on. Photo: L.A. Cicero

Senate visits the arts district to discuss the humanities

Richard Saller, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, and Debra Satz, senior associate dean for the humanities and arts, talked about the state of the humanities at Stanford. Jason Linetzky, director of the Anderson Collection, invited faculty members to collaborate with its staff and create new programs.

stanford symphony orchestra

For Stanford Symphony Orchestra, The Planets align

Stanford Symphony Orchestra blends sight and sound with a production of Gustav Holst's The Planets at Bing Concert Hall. The production  is part of Imagining the Universe, a collaborative year-long project of the Stanford Arts Institute.  Video

Professor Londa Schiebinger

Stanford historian explores how gender analysis leads to innovation

Working with an international team, Stanford history Professor Londa Schiebinger has used gender analysis to spark discovery in science and innovation in technology.

detail from medieval manucript / Colin Reeves-Fortney

In her research and in a new online course, Stanford scholar delves into the secrets of medieval texts

Digital tools, including a free, public online manuscript training course, are allowing English professor and medieval manuscript scholar Elaine Treharne to share her expertise well beyond traditional classroom walls.

The Nile Project in concert in Cairo

Stanford's 'Live Context' series explores art and its ideas

Leveraging the university’s deep intellectual and artistic resources, "Live Context" is inspired by the conviction that the more you know about a work of art's historical and contemporary resonance the richer your experience.

illustration of scholars from 13th-century Arabic manuscript / Wikimedia Commons

Stanford scholar explores Arabic obsession with language

Comparative literature professor Alexander Key finds that the Arab world had a head start on the West when it comes to understanding how language works.

Richard Pryor

Developed at Stanford, a website about comedian Richard Pryor's early years reveals the complex history of race in an American sin city

With maps, photos, news clippings and written artifacts, "Richard Pryor's Peoria" offers an online tool to learn about segregation, urban renewal and the roots of Pryor's comedy.

student Emma Steinkellner works on illustration for Adventures in Writing course / Megan O'Connor

Stanford students illustrate public online 'Adventures in Writing' class

Veteran writing instructors and undergraduate student artists teamed up to create a new public online course focused on teaching key strategies for effective writing.

Children of varying ethnicities and world map

Stanford political scientist says natives are worried more about identity than jobs

Political science Professor Jens Hainmueller focuses on how societies integrate immigrants, what policies could prevent violence, and why people see immigrants as a threat.

Two students looking at a computer. / Photo: Corrie Goldman

New Stanford course brings Silicon Valley to the humanities classroom

Students from computer science and the humanities join forces to create literary websites and mobile apps, combining their strengths to launch literature into the 21st century.

Students working on their calligraphy /Photo: Veronica Marian

Stanford freshmen create medieval-inspired artifacts for the 21st century

Students put handmade ink to handmade paper to recreate the ancient manuscript process.