Scene from movie

Kaboom! Stanford professor shares Academy Award for software to digitize destruction

Computerized simulation simplifies the math and physics of animated movie collisions to create a point-click-and-drag tool for putting the kibosh on buildings, cities, even planets.

Jim Plummer portrait/Photo: John Todd

Stanford's Jim Plummer to be awarded IEEE Founders Medal

Former dean of School of Engineering honored for his role in fostering innovative, interdisciplinary, and globally focused education.

Emily Witt and Maya Krishnan

Two Stanford seniors awarded 2015 Rhodes Scholarships

The prestigious scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano to receive 2014 Marsh O'Neill Award

Lopez-Lezcano, the systems administrator at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, has won the annual prize given to staff members who have made outstanding contributions to Stanford's research mission.

Composite of Maya Krishnan and Emily Witt

Two Stanford seniors awarded 2015 Rhodes Scholarships

The prestigious scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford.

Professor Sheri Sheppard

Stanford mechanical engineer Sheri Sheppard named U.S. professor of the year

Sheri Sheppard receives a national honor for her innovative approach to teaching undergraduate students in a hands-on, problem-solving way that transforms large classes into small group learning laboratories.    Video

lignin-modified plants

Stanford's GCEP awards $10.5 million for research on renewable energy

Stanford scientists and an international research group receive funding to advance solar cells, batteries, renewable fuels and bioenergy.

W.E. Moerner in his Stanford lab / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Nobel Prize for Stanford chemist W.E. Moerner, who brings very small things into focus

W.E. Moerner shares the award for his contribution to the ability to observe molecules at the smallest scales.  Video

Thomas Kailath; Burton Richter / L.A. Cicero; Diana Rogers

Two Stanford professors earn National Medal of Science

Thomas Kailath and Burton Richter have been awarded the nation's highest honor for achievement in the fields of science and engineering.

Art Sterritt / Josh Edelson

Stanford Bright Award recipient encourages merging science and indigenous culture for sustainable environmental protection

Art Sterritt has successfully combined science and indigenous cultures to build stronger environmental sustainability practices in British Columbia.  Video

Jennifer Eberhardt portrait / Photo: MacArthur Foundation

Stanford scholar named MacArthur fellow

Stanford's Jennifer Eberhardt has been named one of the 2014 fellows of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. A social psychologist, she studies the racial elements in the perceptions of crime.

left: Margalit Fox/Ivan Farkas; right: Kiese Laymon/Emma Redden

Margalit Fox and Kiese Laymon win Stanford's 2014 Saroyan Prize for Writing

Every two years, Stanford awards the William Saroyan Prize for International Writing to encourage new or emerging writers in nonfiction and fiction.

Maryam Mirzakhani portrait / Photo: Courtesy of Maryam Mirzakhani

Stanford's Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields Medal

Maryam Mirzakhani is the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal – known as the "Nobel Prize of mathematics" – in recognition of her contributions to the understanding of the symmetry of curved surfaces.

Art Sterritt

Stanford announces 2014 Stanford Bright Award recipient

The Stanford Bright Award recognizes unheralded individuals who have made significant contributions to global sustainability. Art Sterritt will receive the 2014 award for his efforts in protecting the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada.

Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson / Milgrom courtesy of Milgrom; Wilson courtesy of Stanford GSB

Stanford economists among Golden Goose winners

Stanford economists Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom have been chosen for the 2014 Golden Goose Award. The award honors scientists whose research was funded by the federal government and has benefited society in important but sometimes unexpected ways. Wilson and Milgrom introduced the initial design for sales of radio spectrum licenses in the United States.