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Stanford students create apps to tackle learning challenges

Students in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at the Graduate School of Education analyze learning problems and then design solutions in yearlong master's projects.  

Two woman and a young boy at the family's store. / (AP Photo/Debra McCown)

A high-stakes birth lottery in the U.S., Stanford researchers say

A new study by Stanford researchers describes how American children born into high-income families can expect far greater  earnings and income over their lifetimes than children born into low-income families.

Man with hypodermic and state flag

California's new vaccination law serves as a national model for children's health, Stanford scholars say

Stanford legal experts say that California's controversial new vaccination law – one of the strictest in the nation – may serve as a model for other states at a time when vaccination rates are low by historical standards.

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Stanford economist proposes fourth branch of government to counter corruption

Stanford public policy expert Bruce M. Owen suggests a new fourth branch of government would lessen the influence of elites and special interests while better representing the middle class.

Masahiko Aoki portrait/ Photo: Rod Searcey

Groundbreaking Stanford economist Masahiko Aoki dies at 77

Stanford economist Masahiko Aoki was a pioneer and leader in the scholarly understanding of the organizational forms involved in economic life. He also was renowned for innovative research on the economies of Japan and other East Asian nations.

Chinese Communist Party school in Beijing

China's Communist Party schools are opening to Western styles of education, Stanford scholar finds

Stanford political scientist Charlotte Lee says that Chinese Communist "party schools" have adapted entrepreneurial and market lessons in a way that reflects political change without formal democratization in China's authoritarian regime.

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Research by Stanford law students offers roadmap for California on legalizing marijuana

Stanford law students offer an analysis on how California could most effectively implement marijuana legalization for recreational use if voters approve ballot measures on the issue in 2016.

stock brokerage sign in Beijing displaying values of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes / AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

China's economy would benefit from market reforms, Stanford scholars say

Stanford experts say that China, now facing an economic dropoff after years of high growth, should open up its economy and reduce its reliance on state-owned enterprises.

Hilary Chart with businessmen in Botswana

Stanford SEED awards $2.7 million for research projects around the globe

The awards from the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies will fund 33 projects in 23 nations.

Bernie Roth

Stanford's Bernie Roth recommends a bias toward action

In his new book, Roth says he believes that people can lead more fulfilling lives by actually doing things, instead of merely trying to do things.

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Poor economic planning and political confusion at root of Greece's woes, Stanford economist says

Professor John B. Taylor says that Greece's best approach to its damaged economy is to radically change its economic policy in a pro-growth direction. He suggests making it easier to start up new businesses, while holding the line on tax increases and reducing governmental influence in the economy.

Western mask expressing positive emotion and Chinese mask expressing mixed emotions / Shutterstock

European Americans embrace positive feelings, while Chinese prefer a balance of feelings, Stanford research shows

European Americans want to maximize the positive and minimize the negative more than Chinese.

Bay Area hiking path

Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature

Study finds that walking in nature yields measurable mental benefits and may reduce risk of depression.  

Phil Klay, Natasha Tredewey / Courtesy Stanford Live

Award-winning authors to discuss writing about war at Stanford Live event

Poet Natasha Trethewey and fiction writer Phil Klay will read selections from their works and join Stanford political scientist Scott Sagan in conversation on June 30 at Bing Concert Hall.

neighborhood of row houses / © Krylov

Stanford study finds blacks and Hispanics typically need higher incomes than whites to live in affluent neighborhoods

New research reveals troubling patterns of racial segregation that could lead to less upward mobility for black and Hispanic families.