Social Sciences

L.A. teacher Brandon Cabezas

Los Angeles schools embrace different vision of history, with lessons from Stanford group

A Graduate School of Education team is coaching hundreds of L.A. teachers to encourage students to think like a historian.

Businessman holding symbol of Japanese yen

Too early to judge Japan's economic strategy, Stanford economist says

Though some signs point to Japan falling into recession, Stanford economist Takeo Hoshi disagrees and says it is premature to judge the effectiveness of Japan's new approach to its economy.

duelers in silhouette / Mike H/Shutterstock

Laws may be ineffective if they don't reflect social norms, Stanford scholar says

Stanford economist Matthew O. Jackson says that laws that ignore social norms may backfire, whether the issue is taxes in 2014 or deadly duels in France in 1626.

gun / Vartanov Anatoly/Shutterstock

Right-to-carry gun laws linked to increase in violent crime, Stanford research shows

Stanford research reaffirms that right-to-carry gun laws are connected with an increase in violent crime. This debunks – with the latest empirical evidence – earlier claims that more guns actually lead to less crime.

High school girls talking / iStock

Stanford researcher explores why cliques thrive in some high schools more than others

Schools that offer students more choice are more likely to be rank-ordered, cliquish and segregated by race, age, gender and social status.

women at a rally for immigration reform / Richard Thornton/Shutterstock

Immigrants represented by attorneys far more likely to win deportation cases, Stanford law clinic study finds

A new research report shows that a detainee with legal representation is three times more likely to avoid deportation than someone thrown into the legal system on his or her own.

Child working on vocabulary

Parents can help toddlers with slow language skills catch up, Stanford psychologist says

Early results from a program designed by Stanford psychologists show that educating parents on how to talk with their toddlers can improve the kids' language development.  

facade of bank building / Kevin George/Shutterstock

The banking industry needs more effective regulatory reform, says Stanford expert

Stanford finance Professor Anat Admati says requiring financial institutions to use significantly more equity funding can yield big benefits to society.

jack o' lanterns / L.A. Cicero

Halloween encourages imagination, re-enchantment with the world, Stanford anthropologist says

Tanya Luhrmann says that Halloween's most remarkable feature is that it suggests just how safe the supernatural has become.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi's nonviolent approach offers lessons for peace movements, Stanford scholar says

Stanford's Saumitra Jha suggests that new evidence calls for a reinterpretation of Gandhi's nonviolent movement for independence in India.

Portrait of Paul Kunz in front of a computer / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Stanford Libraries unearths the earliest U.S. website

A piece of web history is made available again for the first time since its debut in the early 1990s.

Despondent girl sitting alone.

Girls under stress age more rapidly, new Stanford study reveals

Girls at high risk for developing depression have greater stress responses and shorter telomeres – a marker for aging – than their low-risk peers.

people traveling down a country road in North Korea / jensowagner/Wikimedia Commons

Satellite lights study shows sanctions against North Korea create urban-rural divide, Stanford scholar says

Satellite data indicate that North Korea's dictatorship counters the effects of international economic sanctions by reallocating resources to urban centers and away from poor, rural areas.

Kindergarten classroom

Stanford researchers see trouble ahead for kindergarten students with low self-regulation unless parents and teachers help

Academic success for a first-grader depends in part on both high self-regulation in kindergarten and a low-conflict relationship between student and teacher. Parents and teachers should step in as needed.  

closeup of hands casting a ballot / AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

Democracy is often misunderstood, with tragic results, says Stanford classicist

Drawing from ancient democracy and modern game theory, Josiah Ober warns that contemporary assumptions about democracy can lead to unrealistic expectations of what democracy can deliver.  Video