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AT&T Park

U.S. Supreme Court should reconsider Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption, Stanford experts say

Stanford scholars offer perspective on Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption, which could come under review this spring if a San Jose lawsuit proceeds to the high court.

Stanford students meet President Obama

Stanford students reflect on their meeting with President Obama

Ten Stanford undergraduates described President Barack Obama as personable and genuine as he discussed a wide range of global interests with them during a recent private meeting on campus.

Stephen Haber / L.A. Cicero

Patent trolls serve valuable role in innovation, Stanford expert says

Stanford political scientist Stephen Haber's research finds that much-maligned patent trolls actually offer inventors protection from potential bankruptcy and may help spur technological innovations.

Hoover Tower

Thomas Gilligan, business school dean at University of Texas, will lead Stanford's Hoover Institution

Gilligan, a scholar of economics and political science, will assume his post on Sept. 1. He will succeed John Raisian, who has served more than 25 years at the helm of the public policy research center.

Houthi Shiite fighter in army uniform in Sanaa, Yemen / Hani Mohammed/AP Photo

Stanford expert calls for national security strategy toward failed states

Former U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry says that U.S. military intervention should be the exception, not the norm, toward failed states like Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Water and penny

Stanford examines how best to fund water projects in times of financial uncertainty

Water in the West program recommends small per-usage fee as appropriate way to pay for proper management of resources.

Affordable Care Act sign

Stanford study shows rural disadvantages under Obamacare

A Stanford study found that small, rural coverage regions under the Affordable Care Act have fewer insurers to choose from and higher prices relative to similar rural markets that get grouped in with larger urban markets nearby.

Children playing

School recess offers benefits to student well-being, Stanford educator reports

A Stanford study shows that recess is a profoundly important part of the school day. Well-organized recess programs engage students in meaningful play and prepare them to learn once back in the classroom.

Volunteers at a soup kitchen / Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Stanford study: How to encourage men to give to the poor

A Stanford study found that when men were told that poverty hurts everyone in society, their concern and willingness to contribute money increased, effectively closing a gender gap in charitable giving.

Jeremy Bailenson in Virtual Human Interaction Lab / L.A. Cicero

NBA commissioner visits Stanford for lesson in virtual reality

By flying like Superman in Jeremy Bailenson's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was convinced that virtual reality could enhance the game for fans and players.

community meeting in East Africa

Stanford professor helps citizens make informed choices

With the help of a seed grant from the Office of International Affairs, communications Professor James Fishkin is expanding his approach to community engagement across the globe.

homeless person huddled against cold on New York City sidewalk / AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Stanford research shows dramatic differences in poverty throughout U.S.

A new Stanford report shows that conventional national statistics conceal dramatic differences throughout all 50 U.S. states in poverty, income inequality and mobility.

closeup of chips, beer and remote with gridiron in the background / Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock

Super Bowl ads not profitable for competing brands, Stanford scholar says

A Stanford study finds that Super Bowl television commercials for beer and soda may generate sales, but when two major brands of the same type run competing ads, the sales benefits disappear.

Protesters calling for net neutrality

Greater regulation not necessary for Internet, Stanford public policy expert says

The historical record is a cautionary tale when it comes to net neutrality, according to Stanford economist Bruce M. Owen. Too much regulation, he says, may harm consumers while hobbling innovation and competition.

Joe Felter with Philippine Army troops / John Tronco

Understanding conflict is the road to peace, prosperity, Stanford scholar says

The Empirical Studies of Conflict project focuses on the causes and characteristics of politically motivated violence.  Video