Teaching and Students

Alfred Delena

Stanford senior wins Truman Scholarship for graduate studies

Alfred Delena, who was born and raised on the Pueblo of Zuni reservation in New Mexico, is one of 58 recipients of this year's award, which provides up to $30,000 for graduate study to students with "exceptional leadership potential" who are committed to careers in public service.

Admit weekend

Stanford's Admit Weekend for Class of 2019 opens Thursday

Admit Weekend is designed to encourage prospective freshmen to begin to explore Stanford's academic, residential, athletic and social scenes, by offering them a wide variety of activities and programs that showcase the university's breadth and depth.

Oprah Winfrey with the Rev. Jane Shaw in background / L.A. Cicero

Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 "Harry's Last Lecture" at Stanford University

Oprah Winfrey shared her vision for a meaning life with the Stanford community as the Rathbun Visiting Fellow for 2015.  

Cardinal Nights

Stanford's Cardinal Nights program offers alcohol-free entertainment

The university's Cardinal Nights programs offer alcohol-free events for students, including concerts, novelty acts and craft nights on campus, plus trips off campus – including free transportation – to see movies, touring Broadway shows and Major League Baseball games.

Oprah Winfrey and Jane Shaw

A spiritual practice is the foundation of a meaningful life, Oprah Winfrey tells Stanford audience

At the end of her daylong visit to Stanford, Oprah Winfrey delivered "Harry's Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life."  

Soros Foundation logo

Five students with Stanford affiliations awarded 2015 Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Soros Fellowships provide financial support for study in any degree-granting graduate program in any field at any U.S. university. Fellows are immigrants and the children of immigrants who are chosen for their creativity, initiative and sustained accomplishment.

Stanford seeks student participation in campus climate survey

Black student

Teachers more likely to label black students as troublemakers, Stanford research shows

Stanford psychologists Jennifer Eberhardt and Jason Okonofua experimentally examined the psychological processes involved when teachers discipline black students more harshly than white students.

Stanford students planting trees

Sense of youthful purpose driven by action, passion, says Stanford researcher

Stanford education Professor William Damon says that research shows that while young people can sometimes struggle with a sense of purpose, they are likely to find it in concrete and action-oriented goals.

Mischa Shoni in the studio / Courtesy Mischa Shoni

Stanford undergrads explore the power of storytelling with audio documentaries

From orphans in Ghana to drag queens in San Francisco – Stanford students in a storytelling program have learned about communities, events and traditions both foreign and familiar. In April the latest audio documentaries will be aired on campus radio station KZSU and released online on the Stanford Storytelling website.

Rosina Miller and Patty Hamilton

First student cohort chosen for Stanford in New York

Students selected for the new program, which Stanford will launch in the fall of the 2015-16 academic year, will live, work as interns and study in New York City for one academic quarter.

Hairspray musical at Stanford

Stanford students draw parallels between civil rights movements in the 1960s and today in "Hairspray" musical production

A Stanford student-run theatrical society explores racial integration – then and now – against the background of an inventive LED set in the musical Hairspray. The performance aims to spark civil rights dialogue for students and the audience.  

Provost's letter to the campus community

Provost John Etchemendy's letter to the campus community issuing the report of the Provost's Task Force on Sexual Assault Policies and Practices.

M. Elizabeth Magill and Elizabeth Woodson

Q&A: Co-chairs of the Provost's Task Force on Sexual Assault Policies and Practices talk about recommendations

The Provost's Task Force on Sexual Assault Policies and Practices has issued its recommendations for enhancing Stanford's approach to preventing and responding to sexual assault, relationship violence and other forms of prohibited conduct at Stanford.  

Joe Bankman

Stanford law professor creates new way to help students deal with the stress of it all

Law school and anxiety seem to go together for many students, but Stanford law Professor Joe Bankman wants to help students dial down the pressure using techniques he has learned while studying for another degree – in clinical psychology.