Teaching and Students

Composite of Maya Krishnan and Emily Witt

Two Stanford seniors awarded 2015 Rhodes Scholarships

The prestigious scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford.

Professor Sheri Sheppard

Stanford mechanical engineer Sheri Sheppard named U.S. professor of the year

Sheri Sheppard receives a national honor for her innovative approach to teaching undergraduate students in a hands-on, problem-solving way that transforms large classes into small group learning laboratories.    Video

members of Stanford Symphony Orchestra rehearsing / Kurt Hickman

Stanford Symphony Orchestra performs Mahler's Symphony No. 6

The Stanford Symphony Orchestra of 120 musicians recently came together at Bing Concert Hall to rehearse for a performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 6.  Video

music class and technology class  / Jay LeBoeuf

Stanford and Warner make music – leaders

A new collaboration between Stanford and the music industry will cultivate the next generation of leaders in the music world.

Stanford Law School

Stanford research suggests ways to close the gender gap in law schools

New Stanford research shows how class size and grading methods play important roles in reducing gender gaps in professional school settings.

Susan Fleischmann talking to the Faculty Senate./ Photo: L. A. Cicero

Faculty Senate hears update on student judicial affairs process

Improving overall understanding of the Fundamental Standard and Honor Code is important, the senate hears. Meanwhile, the Office of Community Standards also is working to identify further ways of strengthening the process for student conduct cases.

student controlling quadcopter with phone / Nora Sweeny

Learning to fly: Stanford engineering students master mechaphonics by building quadcopters

In mechanical engineering course ME 202, students learn how to turn open-source smartphone operating systems into powerful control of mechatronic devices.  Video

Students researching plants growing on cooled lava / Photo: Bjorn Carey

Study in paradise: Stanford professors turn Hawaii into a living science classroom

Students in the School of Earth Science's Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii spend the quarter measuring vegetation, coral reefs and volcanoes to understand the dynamics of one of the planet's most interesting ecosystems.  Video

teachers in a classroom / Courtesy Stanford Graduate School of Education

Hollyhock Fellowship brings promising educators to Stanford

The Stanford Hollyhock Fellowship Program aims to encourage, support and recognize early career high school teachers and provide them with rich learning opportunities.  Video

Graduating senior athletes

High marks for Stanford in NCAA graduation report

The Stanford University department of athletics registered an overall graduation rate of 98 percent in the latest Graduation Success Rate (GSR) report released by the NCAA.

Stanford provost announces Bass University Fellows in Undergraduate Education

The program recognizes faculty for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education.

Harry Elam speaking to the Faculty Senate / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Senate discusses undergrad education, non-academic careers for PhDs

The speakers at the Oct. 23 meeting were Harry J. Elam Jr., vice provost for undergraduate education; Patricia Gumport, vice provost for graduate education; Debra Satz, senior associate dean for the humanities and arts; Laura Dominguez Chan, assistant dean and associate director of career communities, Career Development Center; and Brian Cook, an analyst at Institutional Research & Decision Support.

student at farmer's market / Johnny Winston

Stanford students create interactive tool that tells the story of global change

Using first-person narratives, Stanford undergraduates create an interactive tool that shows how forces of global change are manifested locally throughout California.

Exterior of Meyer Library with Hoover Tower in the background / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Stanford's Meyer Library to be replaced with landscaped open space

Over the next six months, crews will salvage furniture inside the building for re-use by university departments, schools and Stanford Surplus Sales. High-reach excavators will begin tearing down Meyer in April 2015.

Ira M. Friedman speaking to the Faculty Senate. /Photo: L.A. Cicero

Stanford's 'safety net' helps students in distress

The director of Vaden Health Center says faculty can play a critical role in supporting the mental health and well-being of students.