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Three Families Donate $20 Million

ALL OF THE MAJOR quake-damaged academic buildings in the historic Quad will be reopened by August, almost seven years after the Loma Prieta earthquake wreaked havoc on the Stanford campus. Following the October 1989 quake, the university entered into protracted negotiations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Shortly after the agency agreed to contribute about $50 million to help the university pay for more than $150 million in earthquake reconstruction, the Board of Trustees launched the Restoration Fund in April 1994, seeking to raise $50 million in private donations to help rebuild and strengthen campus structures. Major donors to the Restoration Fund can choose to have their names associated with certain buildings and rooms on campus ­ not necessarily in need of earthquake repair or upgrading ­ that haven’t been named in honor of a previous gift.

The fundraising drive gained steam in its second year when three families with close ties to Stanford contributed a total of $20 million to the fund. In recognition of these large donations, Language Corner will be renamed Pigott Hall, Geology Corner will be renamed Braun Corner, and History Corner will be renamed Lane Corner.

In the process of soliciting major donors whose names would be associated with Quad corners, fundraisers were sensitive to the Quad’s historic status. “We turned to families that had a longstanding legacy of their own with Stanford,” said Stephen Peeps, associate vice president and director of development.

Restoring the Quad
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