Class of 2000

For Flores, David Lee, Christina McCarroll, Ameen Khalil Saafir, Josia Lamberto-Egan and about 1,600 other freshmen, the first day of college is a blur of mundane details and life-changing events. They have packed their bags and are moving on ­ away from home, away from their parents and friends ­ away from childhood.

Milena FloresMILENA FLORES: “I was here in August
for 10 days with the team. I’m not as wide-eyed as other freshmen.”

Flores takes a brief look at the orientation schedule for the coming days and tosses it into her backpack. She is forced to skip the president’s welcoming talk because she has to go to the conditioning session with some of her teammates. But she will attend an afternoon gathering at El Centro Chicano, a campus community center for Latinos.

After scheduling a time to meet with her mother later in the day, Flores heads toward the gym on a metallic blue mountain bike that she received as a graduation gift.

Her parents, who didn’t attend college, are more excited than sad about their eldest child’s departure.

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NOV/DEC 1996

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