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Douglas OsheroffNewest Nobel   Douglas D. Osheroff has won the Nobel Prize in physics, along with two colleagues from Cornell University, for their 1972 discovery of superfluidity in helium-3. When cooled to extremely low temperatures, this rare form of helium flows without resistance and behaves in unusual ways, such as climbing up the sides of a container and flowing out. Osheroff made the discovery when he was a graduate student at Cornell. A popular teacher who has been at Stanford since 1987, Osheroff also received one of the first MacArthur Foundation "genius" grants in 1981. He said that "there is so much good work in physics that is never recognized by a Nobel. I feel very lucky."

Stephen Peeps Fundraising Record   The university raised nearly $313 million in the 1995-96 fiscal year, reflecting a record year in fundraising and an increase in participation rates of alumni. The total was bolstered by an ongoing effort to increase the number of alumni donors and by a large gift from David Packard's estate to complete the Science and Engineering Quadrangle. This is the first year Stanford has surpassed $300 million for annual fundraising, and the third consecutive year the university has drawn a record number of gifts from a record number of donors. Stephen Peeps, acting vice president for development, said that "what pleases us is that those dollars are driven by enormously large numbers of individual gifts and individual donors. Large gifts alone cannot meet all the real needs of the university because they tend not to provide the more flexible, current-use dollars that annual gifts provide and that no university can do without."

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NOV/DEC 1996

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