Stanford Today
January/February 1997

The Passion of Enrique Chagoya

The Passion of Enrique Chagoya

Mixing classic images
and modern pop culture,
a painter brings his
vision to campus

Beijing by the Bay

Stanford has a long and storied history as a center of bicycle culture. It’s no wonder that it remains on the cutting edge of the latest bicycle revolution.  
By David Jacobson
Through a Glass, Lightly

In his new novel, The Handmaid of Desire, English Professor John L’Heureux satirizes academic life at a fictional campus. From Palm Drive to Stock Farm Road, it has people talking.  
By Diane Manuel

It’s been a heady few years for the women’s basketball team ­ and 1997 promises to be no exception. But there’s a bit of a rub this time around: The men’s team may be giving Cardinal fans a few thrills on their own.  By Harry Press and Tom Dunlap

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