Stanford Today
March/April 1997

The Revival of Faiths

The Revival of Faiths

The Relative Proof

After 37 years of research at Stanford, a three-ton, trumpet-nosed spacecraft called Gravity Probe B is ready to test one of the foundations of modern science: Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.   By Robert Lee Hotz with David F. Salisbury
Faith Makes a Comeback

A search for spiritual renewal among students revives ancient questions about intellect and spirit. With 31 religious organizations at Stanford today, students ar pressing for attention in two areas: classroom treatment of religion and guidance on how to deal with life’s big questions.  By Diane Manuel
Doing the Wright Thing

A Stanford landmark and a national architectural treasure, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hanna House had fallen into disrepair. With a welcome infusion of funding, its stature will soon be restored.  By Larry Gordon

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