The 1994 Christmas Skit

for the Department of Physics

at Leland Stanford Junior University

Here it is, the world's first(?) electronic playbill. It has all the advantages of the 'Net: it's raw, disorganized, and in the end, it ain't much -- but hey, it's free.
The script
A lot of people asked for the script to the skit. I have placed my copy on the Web, but be warned that this was a free-form collaboration, and none of us stuck exactly to our written lines.
The props (where feasible)
Some of the props were textual information, so I put those on-line. NOTE: Looking at the props will give away some of the plot -- read the script first.
The obligatory production notes
Every time I see a student theatre group do a show, the playbill includes a statement of inflated importance by the director or producer. Since we didn't have either, I seized the chance to write my own.
A list of credits
In case you'd like to shower your adulation on the actors, you can find their names here. NOTE: The effect is heightened if you read the script before you look at the cast of characters.

The Electronic Playbill is a creation of Bernard HP Gilroy (gilroy@leland.stanford.edu); contact him with your comments.