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2013 Undergraduate Summer Research
Physics, Applied Physics (AP), SLAC

Poster Printing Instructions:

How to print to the Varian Room 240 printer

0.  As with anything computer, don't leave it until the last minute, ie, Friday morning.  Have it printed by Thursday.

1.  The Varian printer paper is a roll of width of 24 inches.  Format your page to 22 x 34;  this is often called "ANSI D" size.  Note that this is smaller than the standard poster size (36 x 42) listed at https://undergrad.stanford.edu/opportunities/research/go-further/surpsasurps/make-good-poster  .  Lay out your poster in Powerpoint or Keynote on one page of this size. Landscape is more common than Portrait layout but either is ok. 

Some people actually print to individual 8.5 x 11 sheets and tape them neatly to a poster board--makes it easier to travel somewhere.  Our poster boards are 30 x 40, so you need to stick with the 22 x 34 format, which gives you the equivalent of a two by four matrix of 8.5 x 11 sheets

2.  Save your poster in PDF FORMAT.  The computer next to the printer does not have the ability to create pdfs. 

3.  The large format printer is in Varian 240, the office next door to Rick's.   The office is usually locked at night, but it will be open Wed and Thurs nights.  The person in this office is Sha Zhang.  While she is wonderful, she only shares her office with the printer, and is not in charge of it.  If you need help, see Rick.

4.  There is a computer next to the printer in 240.  Bring your poster on a USB stick/thumb drive, open it in Acrobat Reader, and print from there. This is much easier than trying to install the printer on your own laptop. 

5.  Print settings within Acrobat Reader:
    Main print dialog: 
        Size Options:  Fit (if you have sized your layout properly, the Actual Size setting should give the same result)
        Orientation:    Landscape or portrait, depending on your design
    "Properties" tab in Main print dialog
        Paper Options
            Size is:        ANSI D
            Source is:    Roll
            Type is:        Plain paper
        Print Quality:    Normal
        Preview:           Show Print Preview

6.  If printing starts and you can see something is not printing correctly, you can abort the printing with the red button on the far left of the printer.   Saves paper and time.

7.  If the printer display is blinking as though it's out of ink, there are supplies and instructions in the top drawer of the short BEIGE file cabinet to the right of the printer.  Note that the printer requires both ink cartridges (near the front under the cover on the right of the printer) and printheads (behind the ink cartridges under a 2nd cover).


If you simply must install the printer on your Windows laptop

Printer Model:  HP DesignJet 120nr
Network Name:  kasevich-designjet120nr.stanford.edu
IP Address:
Paper format:   24" wide roll

Windows Users

0.  You need to be connected to the Varian ethernet network;  wireless won't get past the Varian firewall.  We'll leave a spare ethernet cable plugged into the printer hub. 

1.  Download driver installation file  (self-extracting .exe file) from HP website.  This is the Designjet 130 driver, which will work for the 120. 
2.  Execute this file, and follow the on-screen directions to install the printer.  Use the network name above to find the printer.    

If the executable does not install, and instead simply unzips the file, take note of where the unzipped files go.  Then,

2.  Go to Add Printer in Windows
  • Local Printer (this is one of those Windows quirks it is NOT a network printer)
  • CreateNewPort
  • .Type of Port:   Standard TCP/IP Port
    • The Add Standard TCP/IP Port Wizard will appear:
    •   Printer Name or IP Address: 
    •   Port Name:  (your choice)
3.  At some point you may be prompted to specify the type of network connection for the printer.  Choose HP Jet Direct from the list. 

4.  Then you will be prompted to install the driver from a list of printers.  If the DesignJet 120nr doesn't appear, click on Have Disk and then browse for the unzipped file directory.  

5.   When this is done, you may be taken back to Select A Port, and now choose "Use the following port" and choose the new port that's been added.  Or, you may simply be prompted for a test page. 

Succesfully completing this installation should be worth a Merit Badge in Windows.   Congratulations if you get it. 



Applied Physics
SLAC-Particle and Particle Astrophysics (PPA)
SLAC - Photon Science

You may also find useful this list of physics research areas in various Institutes around Stanford. 
Positions for physics students also available in Geophysics/Earth Sciences

Undergraduate Physics Research Positions, Summer 2009

For more information on the Physics Department Summer Research Program, feel free to contact the Physics Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Elva Carbajal at 650-723-4362 or elva@stanford.edu.

For further information on Undergraduate Research at Stanford, visit  Undergraduate Research Opportunities
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