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2008 Fall Seminars on Physics Education

In late September and October, we will be hosting three visitors for 1-2 day visits each to share and discuss research, innovation and outcomes in physics education at both the introductory and upper division level -- in lectures, discussion sections and labs.  In addition to delivering one or two seminars, each visitor will also meet with smaller targeted groups for more detailed discussions, workshops or Q&A sessions, and will be available for one-on-one meetings and more informal discussions over lunch and dinner.  We will distribute more details and solicit your input on participation closer to the dates of the visits.  For now, please put these dates on your calendars. We hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about physics education research and to improve the educational experience for the 500+ students we teach each quarter.
  1. Joe Redish, U of Maryland, visiting Thursday and Friday, Sept 25 and 26.

  2. Gary Gladding, U of Illinois, visiting Friday, Oct 24.
  3. Eric Mazur, Harvard, visiting Thursday and Friday, Oct 30 and 31.
    -- co-sponsored by CTL, Office of Science Outreach, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Physics
This speaker series was one of the recommendations of the "Revamp Committee" that has been doing detailed planning for the past year on revamping and improving the introductory physics sequences, with an emphasis on pedagogy, interactive learning in lectures and discussions sections, and "inquiry-based" labs. The speaker series will also address issues in physics education beyond the introductory level. We are coordinating carefully with the speakers to cover a broad set of topics and avoid overlap between speakers.  We will be involving Physics and AP grad students in planning the details of the visits, through the leadership of the AP/Physics SPICE award.

I hope that you will plan to participate in these visits in the early Fall.  Feel free to forward this message to others who may be interested. As plans develop, information will be posted under "Events" on the Physics Department Web Page:

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