Election 2016

Political Science 51K/ History 51K/CSRE 51K,  Fall 2016-2017

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm, CEMEX Auditorium



How to Enroll: 


  • For Stanford undergraduates and graduates: 

    Enrollment is unlimited for regular Stanford undergraduate and graduate students as a 1-unit, online-only option.  Registration for the course offers online access to a livestream of each class session, participation in online discussions, access to course website and materials, and admission to a lottery for attending each class in person.  The class graded on a pass/fail basis only, and participation in online discussion forums (on Canvas) is required for a passing grade.


How to earn credit (for current Stanford undergrads and grads):

If you’re a current Stanford undergraduate or graduate enrolled in the course for credit, you will be graded on a credit/no credit basis based on your participation on Canvas.  With the exception of the first class, you’ll only be able to watch the lectures LIVE (that means, 7-8:30pm on Tuesday nights), via a link that will be available on Canvas—that means you have to log into Canvas, where you’ll find a link to YouTube Live.

Your grade will be determined by whether or not you’ve made the minimum amount of contributions to our Canvas discussions.  If you look at our Canvas course online, you’ll notice that each week, you’ll have a number of options for making a contribution:

  • Posting a question that you’d like us to ask to the guest speakers.You must submit these beforethe day of the lecture.  There are strict open/closing times for each of these discussions, so if you want your question to count, you have to submit your suggestion by the Monday before lecture at 5pm (this week, you’ll have until Wednesday at 5pm).  There’s an incentive to be an early mover here: other participants can use the “like” function in Canvas to up-vote the questions that they “second.” The teaching team will sort through the “most-liked” questions before the lecture and present a few to our panelists.
  • Posting a comment or question after lecture. There are two separate discussion forums for this option: one based on suggested readings we have posted for each week, and one more open-forum based on the discussions that took place during the week’s lecture.  We expect that you maintain a courteous discussion with your fellow classmates!

In short, you’ll have at least 12 opportunities total (2 for each of the 6 class sessions that we have) to make a contribution on Canvas. You’ll notice on Canvas, each discussion is “graded” for 1 point each.  To earn credit, you must meet the minimum number of 8 points over the course of the class. Keep in mind that the discussion forums have strict open/close dates and times, so it is important that you participate within those time frames!


Note: This course meets for 6 sessions over 7 weeks (there is no class on Election Day!). Our first session will meet in Memorial Auditorium, not CEMEX.