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About the Office - The University Budget Office reports directly to the Provost and is responsible for all the processes, policies, and issues related to the University Consolidated Budget. This includes forecasting the consolidated budget, planning the annual budget process, managing the general funds allocations, and supporting the Tidemark budget system. In addition, the Vice Provost for Budget and Auxiliaries Management is also responsible for the three largest auxiliaries: Housing and DiningDAPER, and the Stanford University Press.


Tim Warner Vice Provost for Budget and Auxiliaries Management 723-4567
Dana O'Neil Executive Assistant 723-4567

Budget Planning and Policy Analysis

Dana Shelley Director of Budget Planning and Policy Analysis 725-1256
Serena Rao Assistant Director of Budget Planning 725-0190
Jacy Crapps Budget Analyst 498-9890
Davis Reek Budget Analyst 723-0976

Budget and Auxiliaries Management

Neil Hamilton Director of Budget Management 725-9742
Kayte Bishop Lead Business Analyst 725-4634
Mark Rickey Business Analyst 725-1220
Mike Ling Business Analyst 725-0962

Join Us in the Long-Range Planning Process to Chart Stanford’s Future

Now is the time to ask what new challenges and opportunities lie before Stanford in the years ahead. We are eager to hear the vision of staff, students and faculty for our university. Ideas can be submitted as just a short paragraph or video at Tell us about the Stanford you want to see! #WhatsYourIdea #PurposefulUniversity