Know What Data Represent

Know Where Data Are Stored

Know How Data Should Be Used

Data Governance Goals

  • Identify, map, document, increase visibility of institutional data resources and systems, and create policy and agreements for sharing data resources
  • Develop policy and procedures to ensure consistency in how data is sourced and used across university units in order to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Develop, implement, maintain and help enforce University-wide data management policies, standards, guidelines and operating procedures related to institutional data assets
  • Define roles and responsibilities that govern the management of institutional data
  • Identify and document the proper derivation logic for measures and aggregations of data
  • Build a communication plan so that data consumers are aware of data governance standards and the available resources for the accurate reporting of University data
  • Build an extensive central metadata repository for information about institutional data assets that can be systematically used with confidence in business applications across the University
  • Foster communication and knowledge exchange among data governance practitioners across the university