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SUDS-HR meeting 2/13/2014

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

The HR data stewardship group met on February 13 to continue working towards approved definitions of PeopleSoft-HR date elements, and consider possible formats for disseminating this information. Approvers for all elements under review have been contacted, and the group is working closely with many stakeholders on refining content.

The group reviewed initial drafts of training materials based on the collected metadata, agreeing that screenshots of PS panels annotated with definitions and other content would be helpful in onboarding new HR staff. Suggestions for details to incorporate include whether fields are used at Stanford, how they are entered or derived, which types of employee each is applicable to, and which are attributes of jobs vs. employees.

SUDS-STU meeting 2/10/2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014

The student data stewardship group met on February 10, with a focus on data related to students’ engagement in Academic Programs, including:

As the initial release of the first phase of SIRIS approaches, the group’s early focus on core academic structure entities will allow rapid development of metadata around the data elements instantiating these entities. Target elements for phase 1, along with definition status, are tracked here. The group strongly recommended developing rich metadata beyond simply definitions; the dictionary will include crosswalks between PS screens and table/fields, code/decode sets, aliases, and notes on usage.

SUDS-HR Meeting 1/23/2014

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

The HR data stewardship group met on January 23 to identify next steps on the group’s PeopleSoft dates project. The group has developed definitions and other metadata for nearly 30 date fields associated with PeopleSoft job data. The goal of the project is to understand each of these fields, including any data quality challenges and fields’ appropriate use in reporting. Content associated with 27 dates is now up for approval by functional area heads.

The group is also considering possible deliverables and audiences for this information, including:

  • Links to approved definitions from PS job aids and other training materials.
  • Annoted screenshots that include definitions and key parameters like who updates each field.
  • Timelines illustrating how job changes, breaks in service, and other employee lifecycle events affect (and can be tracked by) these dates.

Feedback from content approvers, and further discussion about deliverables and other next steps, will be the focus of the group’s next meeting.

More information is available here: