Data Governance & Stewardship

Stanford’s Data Governance supports the Business Intelligence Comptency Center and the development of BI Dashboards. Many of Stanford’s current Data Governance activities fall under the umbrella of Stanford University Data Stewardship (SUDS), which focuses primarily on the development of definitions and other metadata for data elements used in BI reporting projects.

Stanford’s Data Governance Center, which houses the SUDS Data Dictionary and other metadata resources, can be found at

Current SUDS initiatives are coordinated by the data stewardship steering committee (SUDS-SC), which includes leadership from each SUDS group and other key university stakeholders. There are four active data stewardship groups at present:

  • SUDS-FIN (Finance)
    • Leadership: Matt Hoying (Director, IDMA)
    • Current activities primarily support the Evolve Financial Reporting program.
  • SUDS-HR (Human Resources)
    • Leadership: Rana Glasgal (Assistant VP, HR & Workforce Analytics)
    • Current activities are primarily focused on project-independent HR data issues.
  • SUDS-SPO (Research & Sponsored Projects)
    • Leadership: Kathleen Thompson (Director, Research Management Group), Mich Pane (Director/Pre-Award Operations, Office of Sponsored Research); John Markley (Senior Business Data Analyst, Office of Sponsored Research)
    • Current activities primarily support the research lifecycle reporting program.
  • SUDS-STU (Student)
    • Leadership: Paddy McGowan (Director of Institutional Research/Student Records, Institutional Research & Decision Support)
    • Current activities primarily support the Student Integrated Reporting & Information Systems project.

All groups welcome participants from all areas of the university. If you have any questions, would like to discuss ways that you or your team could become involved, would like to request access to any of our resources, or believe that you’ve identified a Data Governance, Data Quality or Data Stewardship opportunity at Stanford, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kathryn Flack Potts
Data Stewardship Coordinator

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