Subject Area Infographics

Stanford University Data Stewardship (SUDS) groups and Stanford's Data Governance Program have created infographics (aka 'placemats') illustrating properties of and relationships between, entities and populations in some subject areas. The purpose of these illustrations is to facilitate a consistent understanding of these concepts in both internal and external communication and reporting.

This is one aspect of the data stewardship efforts currently underway in diverse subject areas including HR, faculty, finance, sponsored research, and student data. We welcome suggestions for future projects or areas of focus. Please contact with any questions or comments. 

Recommended Race and Ethnicity Groupings


Recommended Race and Ethnicity Map [PDF]

The "race and ethnicity map" illustrates the university's best practices for reporting race-ethnicity groups and incorporates federal guidelines for breaking the data into high-level categories. This infographic was put together by the Race-Ethnicity working group, which consists of subject matter experts in student, staff and faculty reporting.

Stanford University Sponsored Project Entities

Stanford SPO Map [PDF]

The "SPO map" illustrates differences between major entities in sponsored projects, including sponsored proposals, sponsored agreements, sponsored awards, and Oracle awards.


Degrees Granted by Stanford



Stanford Degree Map [PDF]

The "degree map" illustrates the degrees granted by Stanford, both currently and historically, as well as the schools granting each degree and groupings including undergraduate/graduate, bachelor's/master's/doctoral, and academic/professional.


Stanford University Faculty and Related Staff Groupings

Stanford Faculty Map

The "faculty map" illustrates relationships and properties of Stanford's Professoriate Faculty, Academic Staff, and Other Teaching Staff.

Stanford University Employee and Affiliate Groupings

Stanford Staff Map [PDF]

The "staff map" illustrates major groupings and properties of University employees and non-employee affiliates.

Major Populations of Stanford Students

Stanford Student Map [PDF]

The "student map" shows broad categories of students (undergraduate/graduate; bachelor's/master's/doctoral, degree-seeking/non-degree-seeking) and relationships between these categories, including situations in which an individual student might belong to more than one category.