Organizational Model

Stanford University Data Stewards Groups (SUDS)

Data Stewardship groups are made up of subject matter experts whose primary focus is defining reporting terms and gathering metadata associate with their reporting environment. The subject matter experts are individuals who enter the data, who perform analytics on the data or interacts with the data in some way on a daily basis. The SUDS mission is to provide the metadata infrastructure to support improved decision-making, ensure information integrity, build data knowledge, and meet compliance requirements university-wide, enabling our partners to excel at teaching, learning and research.

Data Governance Committee (DG Committee)

The DG Committee is a cross functional group comprised of the lead steward from each of the SUDS group and representatives from several additional units and schools who have a vested interest in the university’s data governance program.  The charge of the DG Committee is developing, setting and incorporating data governance policies, standards, procedures, and roles and responsibilities.

Business Intelligence Competency Center- Steering Committee (BICC-SC)

The BICC SC is a senior leadership team that provides cross-functional oversight and envisions and communicates the long-term value of the BI program, helps achieve buy-in from peers, and strives to effect change in business processes and data quality within their units.  The BICC Steering Committee members all serve as data governance adopters and champions of the use of data governance in decision-making and provide strategic oversight of the data governance program in order to ensure that the programs aligns with the university data goals.