Data Governance Center

DG Center*

Stanford's Data Governance Center (DG Center) is a central repository for documentation and information about institutional data assets and associated metadata.

Business GlossaryLook up the meaning of a given term or alias

  • Example question: What is an Academic Plan?
  • Types of Assets: Terms, Aliases, and Acronyms.

Reporting IndexLook up reports and find out what business terms are associated with them.

  • Example question: For Term X, which reports is it in? Or for Report Y, what are all the terms used there?
  • Types of Assets: Tableau Subject Areas, Report Views and OBI Subject Areas, Dashboard Tabs, Report Sections, and Report Views.


Code and Decode Values IndexLook up the full set of possible code values, their meaning (their decode) and what term (from the Business Glossary) is associated with the codes.

  • Example question: What are the codes for HR Job Families?
  • Types of Assets: Codelists, Code Sets, and Code Values.

Content is built out through the joint efforts of the Data Governance Program and the Stanford University Data Stewardship (SUDS) groups.

*In order to access the DG Center from outside of Stanford's network, you'll need to sign in to Stanford's VPN first. See VPN (Virtual Private Network) on University IT web site for more details.