Data Governance Center

DG Center*

The Stanford's Data Governance Center (DG Center) is a central repository for documentation and information about institutional data assets and associated metadata.

SUDS Dictionary: The SUDS Dictionary is the main dictionary (aka Business Glossary) for entities and data elements appearing in Stanford University's  reporting environments, as defined and approved by the Stanford University Data Stewardship (SUDS) organizations.

Reporting Community: The Reporting Community  is a reporting catalogue that maps the entities and data elements in the SUDS Dictionary, including code values in the Reference Data Environment, to the reporting structures  in the universities reporting environments.

Reference Data EnvironmentThe Reference Data Environment lists code values and their meanings as they exist in university databases and reporting systems.  This can also be used as a reference tool for entering data.  


*In order to access the DG Center from outside of Stanford's network, you'll need to sign in to Stanford's VPN first. See VPN (Virtual Private Network)on University IT web site for more details.