HR Metrics Data Definition Meeting Minutes – 1/11/2012

January 11, 2012

Attendees:   Angela Arroyo (Law), Jon Davies (IRT ), Dawn Freeman (Human Resources), Anh Hoang (Human Resources), Matt Hoying (Data Governance), Larry Niemeyer (Humanities and Sciences)


Today’s meeting was primarily focused on setting expectations for 2012 and discussing the evolution of the program.  Early in the call Ann asked that we create a written request to add Reclassification:Promotion as a valid Action:Reason combinations in PeopleSoft (as discussed in the minutes of the December 7th, 2011) .   The written request must clearly define the recommended change in data and specific ways that this change will improve business processes and the associated reporting.  Some of the examples that have been cited include the difficulty in tracking internal promotions, accurate reporting on affirmative action related promotions and the large amount of effort investigating the notes field to check whether a reclassification was actually a promotion.  Once Matt has received the business reasons behind this change, he’ll draft a RFC and review it with the team before submitting it to Cindy Martin.

A change in the valid code combinations will require an impact assessment and if approved, a plan to train the impacted audience on the change.  If the change is approved, we’ll work with Central HR to outline a training plan.  Please get this information to Matt (as defined in the Homework as soon as possible so we can get the process moving.

Jon Davies (IRT) attended the meeting and gave a short overview of the BI and DG program they are standing up in the School of Medicine.  Two of the first subject areas they will be working on are Faculty (People) and Organization.  Jon and Matt will work together to keep an open line of communication about current activities and will work to keep the programs aligned.  Ann suggested that knowledge sharing session between the two groups in the near future would be particularly valuable.

We’ll be reviewing all of the definitions that were posted on the HR Metrics Help page and confirm the wording of each over the next few weeks.  The list and current status of each term can be found on the DG Wiki (

The next priority in metadata development will be to resolve the various perspectives of the organizational hierarchy within HR.  The first step will be to assemble a complete list of organizational groupings that are used and resolve any terms that have different meanings throughout the HR organization.  Based on the findings of this activity, we’ll develop a plan to resolve the hierarchies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

As we wrap up the final stage of our data definitions, we will begin to transition the group to broader data stewardship related activities.  A list of some of the possible responsibilities associated with stewardship can be found on the DG @ Stanford webpage.  Please consider whether you feel that this group should transition to a stewardship working group or if the data definitions team should continue as it is and a separate HR stewardship group should be created with separately scheduled meetings.

The next meeting will be on January 18, 2012 at 1:00 PM.

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