SUDS-FIN Minutes – Payroll and Labor Expense Management – 10/11/2012

Attendees: Isabel Alverez-Valdez (FMCS), Bryan Brown (FMCS), Dora Brown (OSR), Jesse Charlton (RFCS), Cathy Downs (FMCS), Nick Hartman (UG Admission), Marilou Hemenway (RFCS), Matt Hoying (FMCS), Lillian Lee (IRDS), Nancy Lonhart (Medicine), Jamie Lutton (FMCS), Cindy Martin (UHR), Lori McVay (FSI), Elaine Moise (FSS), Lily Ng (FMCS), Samir Pandey (DMR), Andrea Perez (FMCS), Tim Reuter (OSR), Nguyet Sin (OSR), Marilyn Smith (Earth Science), Kurt Staufenberg (PMO), Abhijit Tambe (FMCS), Kelly Wright (Payroll), Andy Zell (FMCS)


Over the next four weeks we’ll be meeting to discuss and come to consensus on the definitions and derivations of data associated with the Payroll and Labor Expense Management (PLM) Reporting Project.  The goal isn’t to necessarily change the terms that are used in the payroll and labor expense management business process but to produce an unambiguous lexicon of terms that can be used in the course of this project as well as later training and support.  Developing a business glossary early in the project can accelerate the development cycle, minimize rework and take significant pressure off of QA.

To assure the team is building robust and consistent definitions, please review the Data Definitions Best Practices document which can be found at

Unfortunately, there is little chance that we will be able to go through every term in the course of the four weekly meetings.  For this reason, please review the list of terms on the wiki ( and provide input in the time between meetings.  Even the terms that we do cover in the meetings may not get as many revisions as they should.  For this reason, we are going to focus on definitions that are fit for use in terms of the PLM project and will avoid wordsmithing definitions in the course of the meetings.  For non-substantive changes (such as fixing typos or adding words to improve the readability of the sentence) please make your edits in-page using the “Edit” button.  For questions or recommendations around the actual content of the definition or the derivation, please use the comment functionality by clicking the comment button that appears at the bottom of each page.

After a week of online review, any term that has been discussed in a meeting will put up for pre-approval by this group.  If there are no objections to the wording within this group, the term will be considered approved and reviewed with management within two weeks.  When a term is sent out for approval, a non-response will be considered approval.

Next week we’ll focus on terms that are used explicitly in the key business questions that appeared in the survey.  Thanks again for dedicating your time to this critical task.

Going forward, minutes will be posted on the Stanford Data Governance ( website within two days of the meeting.