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Project Independent Data Stewardship in HR

by on August 29, 2012 9:56 am
Stanford Human Resources (HR) has approved the creation of a project independent data stewardship team to provide a renewed focus on the effective management of critical HR institutional data assets.  In addition to the stewardship team, the Policy and Process Committee has accepted the responsibility for the executive aspects of data governance in the HR… Read more Project Independent Data Stewardship in HR

HR Data Stewardship - Scoping Meeting - June 14, 2012

by on June 14, 2012 12:00 pm
Attendees: Mario Acquesta (University HR), Rana Glasgal (University HR), Matt Hoying (University Data Governance), Cindy Martin (University HR) The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the scope and direction of a project-independent data stewardship (DS) effort around the Human Resources (HR) data subject area.  This effort will ultimately include stakeholders from each of the… Read more HR Data Stewardship - Scoping Meeting - June 14, 2012

The Data Governance Organization

by on January 25, 2012 9:25 am
A key aspect of data governance is the formalization of roles and responsibilities.  Although it may not be feasible to move directly to the goal state in the near term, having a well defined target and agreement upon this strategic goal will help align stakeholders and assure that tactical activities have a consistent direction.  For… Read more The Data Governance Organization

BICC Monthly - DG Maturity Model Presentation, 10/17/2011

by on October 17, 2011 5:01 pm
DG Presentation: The Stanford DG Maturity Model

BICC Monthly - DG Newsletter, 9/19/2011

by on September 19, 2011 4:01 pm
DG Newsletter 1: Data Governance Overview