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Data Governance Services

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Please contact Matt if you are interested in taking advantage of or would like more information on any DG Services offered by University Data Governance.

HR Metrics Data Definition Meeting Homework – 1/11/2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The highest priority for this week is to confirm that the code combination of Reclassification:Promotion (JRC:PRO) should be added as a valid combination in PeopleSoft.  Please email Matt specific business justifications that you are aware of for this change.  He’ll compile the content into a formal Request for Change and submit it to Cindy Martin for review.  Further details on the discussion can be found in the minutes for the December 17 meeting and the minutes for the January 11 meeting.

To expedite the completion of the HR Metrics Data Definitions, please look through all terms ( that do not have a status of “Approved” and note whether the current definition is complete and accurate.  We will only be looking at the terms that exist on the HR Metrics help page.  These are denoted by an “X” in the first column.  Please either comment on the page (by clicking on the “Add Comment” link at the bottom of the page) or email Matt to note any term that you believe is adequately defined.  Please use the criteria for a well-defined term from the wiki ( as well as your knowledge of the business.  In next week’s meeting (January 18, 2012) we’ll discuss the submitted terms.

Please create a list of organizational groupings in your School/VP.  This may include, but is not limited to: Cluster, Area, Sub-Area, Division, Department, Center, Institute, PI, Troupe and/or Coterie.  We will be using these shortly to try and resolve the various organizational terms in order to support HR Metrics Phase II (as well as future initiatives).

Finally, please spread the word about our weekly data definitions meetings and the proposed movement towards broader stewardship activities.  Effective stewardship requires representation from many parts of the organization to help understand the diverse perspectives and uses of this information.  If there are any questions, or you need material to support the recruiting effort, please email Matt.