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Research Administration Data Stewardship – Scoping Meeting – 4/2/2012

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

April 2, 2012
Attendees: Russell Brewer (OSR), Kathleen Thompson (RMG), Colleen James (RMG), Angel Mayorga (RMG) and Matt Hoying (UDG)

On February 2nd, 2012, Vijay Gandra, Russell Brewer, Kathleen Thompson and Matt Hoying met to discuss an issue related to different methods of calculating proposals.  In the course of the conversation, all parties agreed that a data dictionary for Research Administration could provide value and reduce the risk of future data issues.

The April 2nd meeting focused on the details related to creating a team to lead the development of this data dictionary and scoping that team’s responsibilities.  We began by reviewing the recent work done by the HR Metrics Data Group and some of the types of information (metadata) that we could plan on developing.

The Research Administration Metadata Team (the team) would limit the initial effort on documenting major Lifecycle Event terms in the Research Administration data subject area.   OSR and RMG will work together to provide an initial list of in-scope terms and gather any currently known data definitions or supporting documents on those terms.

It was agreed that, on the first pass, the team would primarily focus on:

  • Business definitions of major terms
  • (All) Technical derivations (not necessarily deciding which one was best at this point)
  • Which systems and reports create, store, modify or report on the data

Although not the primary focus of the first pass, the team would also document the following when necessary and would focus on documenting the following in a second pass:

  • Business rules
  • Attribute definition/data domain definition
  • System of record

Additionally, in parallel, RMG would take responsibility for the development data quality (DQ) metrics and thresholds.  The details of this process, the approval of these metrics and their technical implementation are outside the scope of the Research Administration Metadata Team at this point.

The team would initially consist of representatives from OSR, RMG, Dean of Research (DOR) and Research Financial Compliance and Services (RFCS).

  • OSR will be represented by Michiko Pane and Pushpa Iyengar.
  • RMG will be represented by Colleen James and Angel Mayorga
  • Russell will talk with both DOR and RFCS regarding their representation.

Meetings will be held once every two weeks, starting in the end of April or beginning of May.

Please reach out to Matt with any questions, corrections or additional information about this subject.