I R & D S

Institutional Research & Decision Support

(IR&DS) provides management information and analysis in support of decision-making by the Stanford community.


Stanford University Statistics 2015-16

IR&DS has released the 2015-16 edition of ‘Stanford University Statistics’, with more than 50 tables of data about Stanford’s students, faculty, staff, research, and finances. This is available at http://irds.stanford.edu/stats-book.html

Key University Metrics

IR&DS has released a two-page 'quick reference' compilation of current data on Stanford's students, faculty, staff, financial aid, finances, research, and more. This is available at http://irds.stanford.edu/KeyMetrics.

PhD Alumni Employment Webpage

IR&DS has published a new webpage that presents the findings of a recent major study of PhD alumni employment outcomes. The study, undertaken by IR&DS in collaboration with the Office for the Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE), examined the career paths of 2,420 doctoral alumni across two cohorts. The results of this study are available online at http://irds.stanford.edu/phdjobs. The webpage is interactive and allows users to explore the data and findings from the study.

Welcome Lisa Lambeth

With a passion for telling stories with data, Lisa Lambeth joins IR&DS in February as an Institutional Research Analyst. Having worked in financial aid, admissions, budgeting, and finance, Lisa brings deep expertise in Stanford University systems and processes. She is an OBI super user with a track record of helping colleagues and stakeholders better understand and work with their data. Lisa also has a strong interest in studying languages and spends her weekends hiking or paper crafting.