IR&DS Mission & Vision Statements

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Mission and scope of IR&DS


IR&DS’s mission is to facilitate institutional decision making at Stanford by:

IR&DS accesses, utilizes, analyzes, and reports on data from all of the major administrative systems at Stanford, including student, faculty, course, research, and financial data. IR&DS performs and facilitates complex analyses for both departments and central offices, including collaborating with other universities to provide comparative data, and proactively publishing management reports.


IR&DS’s skills and expertise include:


IR&DS is composed of teams that specialize in Decision Support Services (DSS), Institutional Research, and Assessment and Program Evaluation.

This mission statement is also available as a PDF.

IR&DS vision statement

Institutional Research & Decision Support is the first-choice provider of timely, high-quality, accessible management information and analysis for informed decision-making at Stanford. We accomplish this by: