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BICC Steering Committee

Steering Committee charter

The BICC Steering Committee provides cross-functional oversight and prioritization for Business Intelligence projects. The BICC Steering Committee envisions and communicates the long-term value of the BI program, helps achieve buy-in from peers, and strives to effect change in business processes and data quality within their units. Steering Committee members will serve as adopters and champions of the use of data in decision-making. The Steering Committee has the additional responsibility of assessing the BI program periodically to ascertain progress or areas in need of improvement.


Steering committee member Office
Sara Bible Dean of Research
Tom Black Registrar's Office
Russell Brewer Office of Sponsored Research
Suzanne Calandra Finance Office
Marcia Cohen School of Medicine
Adam Daniel Humanities & Sciences
Shirley Everett Residential & Dining Enterprises
Suzanne Ferris Human Resources
Ken Schulz Research Financial Compliance & Services

Steering Committee meeting notes



Not yet formed.

Task forces for data quality

These task forces are led by the Data Stewards and populated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). A task force in a particular data area identifies metrics for monitoring data quality, assigns responsibility for data quality, and adjusts business practices or ERP systems to improve and maintain data quality. SMEs are, ideally, the people who understand the whole cycle of data from input through reporting though SMEs may consult with specialized experts in their organization to assist with understanding the details of specific data fields or ERP functions.

Membership: Task force for research data quality

Task force role Member
Chair; Data Steward for pre-award Barbara Cole
Data Steward for post-award Ken Schulz
Subject Matter Experts Mich Payle
Tim Reuter
Kathleen Thompson
Tom Wong
SERA liaison Lee Merrick

Focus groups for metrics & dashboards

These are less formal groups of people interviewed (individually or in groups) for the purpose of gathering subject-specific information needed to identify metrics and dimensions for executive and management level reporting. These groups may overlap with Subject Matter Experts and Data Stewards involved in data quality, but will also include heavy users of information.

Membership: Research data focus group

Focus group role Member
Data owner Anne Hannigan
Members Amy Balsom
Sara Bible
Barbara Cole
Marcia Cohen
Mary Corcoran
Adam Daniel
Clare Hansen-Shinnerl
David O'Brien
Steve Olson
Bettye Price
Kathleen Thompson

Meeting notes: Research data focus group

Meeting notes: Research metrics focus group