Business Objects Downloads

Self-upgrade from 6.5.4 to XI, release 2

Please download these instructions on how to upgrade to the new version:

After you have upgraded, the major changes to using Business Objects will be as follows:

Other than these changes, using Business Objects should look and act the same as it does for you now.

Business Objects beginning class: Materials

You can use these class materials like a self-paced tutorial to learn the basics of our Oracle Financials Expenditures universe. However, if you do the exercises yourself, you won't get any results. This is due to authority restrictions, but at least you can review the steps by going through the exercises. We are working on this limitation and it should be fixed soon.

Business Objects for DSS beginning class

Business Objects: Choosing a universe

These documents can help you choose which universe to use:

We usually print the quick guides on either side of a single sheet, so when one quick guide says "see other page", it means "see the other quick guide".