Department Profiles

The Department Profiles provide information to the Provost, Vice Provost for Budget, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Vice Provost and Dean of Research, and School Deans regarding the performance of Stanford's academic departments. The original impetus for assembling this information in 1998 was a desire to base at least some portion of the schools’ general funds allocations on performance measures. Although the data were never ultimately used for budgeting purposes, they do provide a foundation for assessing the activities of a particular unit over time or as compared to similar units. This report is published annually.

Sample Department Profile [PDF]
Sample Department Profile DP13 [PDF]

Definitions occasionally change from year to year. These changes are noted in each year's defintions document.

DP09 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]
DP10 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]
DP11 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]
DP12 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]
DP13 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]
DP14 Data Sources and Definitions [PDF]

The Department Profiles have undergone major revisions in recent years. The data elements reported in the Profiles were revised substantially in FY09, with additional changes in FY10. The format was revised in both FY09 and FY10.

Department Profiles are distributed to the offices listed above. Please contact Heeju Jang, Institutional Research Analyst (4-7195,, if you have questions about using or obtaining the Department Profiles.