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When an error or inconsistency in the Department Profiles is brought to our attention, we issue updates in the form of errata sheets. These are distributed to all users who receive the Profiles in paper or electronic copies; those who receive paper reports should insert these errata sheets at the back of their binder. Departments may also find PDFs of their Profile sheets in their CourseWork assessment sites; these sheets will also be updated as necessary. All errata will also be noted here.

We welcome questions and comments on the Profiles from all users; this feedback is a valuable part of our ongoing effort to improve data quality.

Department Profiles 2007-08

Student Satisfaction: Senior Survey

The FY08 Department Profiles calculated senior survey results incorrectly for some departments. An errata sheet was distributed with accurate satisfaction rates, both overall and for major advising, along with response rates.

This recalculation results in changes to some departments' satisfaction rates, including removing reported satisfaction rates from some departments where fewer than 5 students actually answered these questions. Departments' Profile pages in CourseWork were updated with these corrections where necessary.

Department Profiles 2008-09

Student Satisfaction: Senior Survey: Advising satisfaction

The FY09 Department Profiles reported only the percent of students "very satisfied" with advising in their major, rather than the percent either "very satisfied" or "generally satisfied", as in previous years. This is explained in the "Data definitions"; an errata sheet was also distributed with the historically comparable "very" + "generally" values, along with the response rate.