Richard W. Lyman
President: 1970-1980

Provost Richard W. Lyman succeeded Pitzer. In keeping with the times and the university's financial constraints, he decided against holding a formal inauguration. Instead, Stanford's seventh president held a series of talks and dinners with faculty, students and alumni. At a dinner for faculty in Maples Pavilion on March 9, 1971, guests paid their own way: assistant professors, $5; associate professors, $7.50; and professors and senior staff, $10.

Jing and Richard W. Lyman

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Acting as master of ceremonies, former president Sterling injected some levity into the affair. Noting that Lyman was a student of British history, Sterling said, "I thought it might be of comfort to him to know that in these troubled and trying times there appears to be one place in Britain where, in case of need, he might find some calm and repose. The place is St. Andrew's University. I suggest it as a possible refuge by virtue of having read what its vice-chancellor and principal had to say in the university's prospectus for the year 1970-71. I quote, ‘Apart from an isolated incident of violence in 1470 when the dean of the faculty of arts was shot at with bows and arrows, and if one glosses over the Jacobite demonstrations of 1715, the university has been singularly free of student unrest.'" Lyman remained in office until the end of the 1979-80 academic year. He is a senior fellow at the Institute for International Studies.

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