Donald Bertrand Tresidder
President: 1943-1948

Donald Tresidder

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Donald Bertrand Tresidder became president at a time when Stanford was still suffering from the effects of the Great Depression and had seen its ranks of students and faculty depleted by the Second World War. His ceremony was appropriately simple. A file on Tresidder's installation in the University Archives contains a single announcement, typed on a piece of thin, crumbling khaki-colored paper. On Oct. 14, 1943, Tresidder was "presented" to an all-university assembly in Memorial Auditorium that consisted of "faculty, staff and officers of the Army." Mindful of the university's finances, Tresidder wanted to wait until after the war to hold a grander affair. That time never came. Tresidder died suddenly from a heart attack on Jan. 28, 1948.

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